Trade Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng supported the Sun and Bulb’s Green Team competition to find Britain’s ‘Unsung Green Champions’

Trade secretary Kwasi Kwarteng has put his weight behind in the Sun and Bull’s Green Team competition to find Britain’s ‘unsung’ eco-hero as he tells the public to do his part to save the planet.

He encouraged Surya readers today to nominate friends, family and colleagues who are helping to make the world a better place for our children and grandchildren.

Business Sake puts its weight behind The Sun and Bulb’s campaign today

In the style of blue monuments that appear across buildings
Desh, The Sun’s Green Team Joins Army with Renewable Energy
Supplier Bulb Hats Britain’s Environmental Champion with a New
Green plates.

For a chance to win the green prize, we want readers to name recycling-crazy neighbors, passionate teachers inspiring children about climate change, or even celebrities who care about our planet Doing our work to do.

And today, Business Sake joins the call to bring the nation together behind the green innings ahead of Earth Day on Thursday.

He said today: “If you know someone who is fond of being green, I urge you to name them and give them the respect they deserve.

“Amazing people are playing their part in going green with Britain – not just our family, neighbors or work colleagues from general activists or celebrities who have made changes to reduce their carbon footprint

“They are the unsung green champions of Britain, whose daily actions have made a huge difference to the health of our planet.

“This new competition organized by The Sun’s Green Team is a great campaign to inspire the British public to make a difference and recognize those for ultra low carbon. “

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He pledged that Britain should be proud of our record – “faster and faster than almost any other country to deal with climate change”.

But he pledged to do this to ministers, which “encourage economic growth, generate employment and provide protection to consumers.”

The trade secretary told The Sun, “We should make more efforts to protect our planet for our children and grandchildren.

“Now is the time to work. If we make all these small changes, it will have a huge impact on all of our lives and the future now.”

Let us know at or use the form below to say why they deserve a green hero and send us a snap of them to give them a chance to win a plaque.

Join Sun’s green team and save the planet

Making simple daily changes can make a big difference on the planet.

And we want you and your family to join Surya’s green team – our Green Revolution.

It can be overwhelming to know how to play a role in reducing greenhouse gases, but we will show you the practical steps taken to tackle climate change – from the global ‘Count Us’ initiative.

And our simple steps will also help you save money so that your family budget goes ahead.

We will help you reduce food wastage, insulate your home, create delicious, planet-friendly meals, and take simple steps to reduce your carbon footprint.

We want you to sign up online for as many special Green Team pledges as you can manage and a special calculator will show you how much carbon you will personally save.

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It won’t cost you a penny, but the total that saves you and your family will be added to the overall “Count Us” and the platform will help you at every step.

so touch Here to promise.

A survey of Sun readers shows that about three-quarters are more concerned about our impact on the planet than they were five years ago.

Green belts are deployed to celebrate Earth Day in April.
22, before Britain hosts the COP26 summit in November, where Boris Johnson will urge other world leaders to reduce their nations

Sun’s top tips to make your home green, save money and save the planet

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