The queen communicates with her staff using secret gestures.

The queen communicates with her staff using secret gestures.

Is there any code she knows? Queen Elizabeth II (95) has ruled the United Kingdom for a record 69 years. As the Regent of the United Kingdom, he has to go through several receptions and visits. Since the time of a monarch is limited, such appointments must be planned and timed very carefully. It helps if the queen can communicate with her staff without words: the head of state seems to have a special device for this.

If you believe online star Luke Davidson, the Queen’s handbag is at the forefront of communication: “When the bag goes from one hand to the other, it expresses that she wants to end the conversation,” she says in one of her TikTok videos. I say. On the other hand, if the regent leaves her accessory on the floor, she may want someone to help her leave the conversation, he says.

However, how often these codes are to be used is uncertain. The Queen seems to have mastered all public appearances, at least outwardly, and needs no help. It was the same day when he cut the cake with a saber in an unconventional way.

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