The Lupine series is a hit: French and European soft power on the rise?

The Lupine series is a resounding success on Netflix and became the first French series to top the most watched programs in the United States. Upon closer inspection, this is not an isolated episode, but rather a series of successes for France that is winning, and the EU with it having an impact on the production scene.

Number 1 in Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Argentina, Vietnam, the Philippines, and especially the United States. The “Lupine” series, almost inevitable in France, is a worldwide hit. Reportedly it was watched by 70 million users in the first month of availability only on Netflix. Described as an “unprecedented success”, Gaumont’s production also leaves some experts wondering what television fields are accustomed to successes coming from the land of Hollywood: Are the cards going to be shuffled?

According to journalist Benjamin Pierret, “Lupine’s victory over Netflix, after Lough de Deppel, marks the end of the American almighty on television production”. It should be considered that the current success of the series focused on the gentleman burglar is ultimately a depiction of a deeper incident. In Europe, production of such television sessions has gained importance. Some countries, such as Denmark, are emerging as experts in this field.

New french influence

Above all, faced with the emergence of new platforms and a very complex year for the world of cinema but adapting to watching the series from home, the television landscape is being remade. And in this short game, the almighty of the United States must face fresh competition. “There is a real imbalance”, and “it will accelerate”, assured Pascal Breton, the founder and president of production company Federation Entertainment, several European Union countries have released series that have recently been successful internationally, and It does not seem so. (Brothers) in relation to the land of Lumière, specially prepared to stop.

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With the recent talent of his coup, France was not really in its first attempt. “Gone are the days when American series ruled the small screen. For many years now, French fiction has been a hit with more and more,” wrote Clement Rodriguez in February 2020. “Angrenages,” Les Revents “,” Un ville Française “,” Broca “: Many programs are truly appreciating one all over the world. Seeing this frenzy of blue-white-red success for Le Parisien, Veronic Tribble observed.” Netflix and Amazon Video platforms represent a simulation for producers ”, the journalist related.

Gears, Broadcasting in over one hundred different countries, was one of the origins of the remodeling of the domain in France. Work on writing, screenplay, Prakash has been resumed since the arrival of this grand success series. Legends Office In December 2019, he found himself in the third place in the list of 30 best foreign series of 2010 published by New York Times. And in relation to ten percent, Released in the UK under the name call my agent, Rebecca Nicholson of The Guardian is also full of praise: “A brilliant French concoction farewell”, she writes with five out of five stars in the title of her column. “French” is an adjective that is associated with a series whose actors give place to big names in French cinema and big artists such as Jean Dujardin, Christophe Lambert, Juliette Binoshe, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Sandrin Kibberlen, Jean Reno …

And the French “soft power” operates at full speed. “The French series are fascinating when they are made with everything that our culture, especially our language, and when they deal with French themes and cosmologies”. Where does lupine start? The Louvre Museum. And why the very American, “Emily in Paris” series was so discussed in 2020? For the litany of its cliche on the capital at the Eiffel Tower. The French model is always dreaming. In episodes of at least 50 minutes.

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This is an advantage in terms of resurgence of influence across the European Union today. The quality of programs undertaken by many member states is increasingly recognized. One look at the Emmy Awards is enough to notice it. This award of American television is particularly distinguished in the category of best international series produced outside the United States. And since 2002, the prestigious list has featured eight British shows, but also four Danish, while in the last five years, a Spanish series, a German and a Norwegian have also received jury favor from more than 40 countries Have done France has three winners, all built by Canal +. A balance sheet that may increase even more in the near future.

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