The family’s lucky escape after a faulty boiler filled the house with deadly carbon monoxide

One family said how lucky they were to escape with life when their home was being filled with deadly carbon monoxide.

Carbon monoxide (CO) from Nicola Savri and Lee Tonks was not a threat, so unknown and odorless gas boilers could not be leaked from the flu.

The couple and their two children were just minutes away when gas engineer Mohammad Dawood arrived.

After reading a CO alarm there, he was called to a neighbor’s house.

Mo knocked on Nikola and Lee’s door and got no answer, so he put an identifying reader through the letterbox.

Gas engineer Mohammad Dawood saved the family’s life

He said: “The CO text was so huge that I couldn’t believe it.”

Contact with this level of gas is fatal within hours.

Moe says: “Finally a woman came to the door. There were big red circles around his eyes, so I ordered everyone out. Lee broke down. ”

The couple and their children, five-year-old James and two Harry, were taken to hospital.

The 34-year-old came on the scene sooner than planned

Gas Emergency Services Cadet Mo, 34, arrived at the scene sooner than planned because he had finished his previous call earlier than expected.

He said: “It became important.”

Ahead of Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week, which began Monday, Nicola, 40, of Bedworth, Worcestershire, called on the public to make sure they have at least one CO alarm.

Two years after the ordeal, Lee, 40, said: “If Moe had knocked on our door that morning, we wouldn’t be here now.”

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Carbon monoxide kills about 40 people each year in England and Wales.

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