“The economy is recovering but beware of unpleasant surprises!”

We all hope: After the humanitarian and economic tragedies of the pandemic in 2020, the year 2021 should be marked as the end of the health crisis and the beginning of economic recovery. Only here, this rebound can reserve some bad surprises. First, it is far from being homogeneous worldwide. China, India and the United States are already emerging as champions of global recovery. In February 2021, the Middle Kingdom also had the luxury of receiving double the historical trade surplus: $ 103 billion a month and $ 648 billion a year.

Thus China will have no difficulty in retaining the world’s first locomotive of growth in 2021, with its GDP increasing by about 8.6%, contributing 1.7 points to annual growth in world GDP, which this year is almost Should be 5.2%. Thanks to an increase of approximately 4.8%, the United States will contribute 0.8 points to global growth. For India, with an annual increase of close to 7% in its GDP, it will contribute 0.5 points to the growth in global GDP.

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With these significant and already started rebellions, the euro area and France are still not managing to emerge from the recession. Achieving an average annual growth of over 3% for EMU and 3.5% (…)

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