The day the set designer kept Buckingham Palace a secret

Following the visit, the designer awarded the Oscar for Best Decoration in 1999 Shakespeare in Love, And is known for his work in films Quills And Miss potter, Then implemented what he was able to shine in the privacy of the palace at no less than 15 different filming locations. Four of them were Alstreet Studio In Hertfordshire, the remaining eleven are filmed in historic estates and other grand mansions.

“The only thing I was thinking about was that we are going to be able to convert all these rooms into rooms where action can take place, where people can interact, where we can keep the audience interested. ..Every time I was in a room [de Buckingham], I looked through the following pieces through the door frame to try to imagine which shot on the screen would be the most interesting “, thus recently conceding to Childe. Royal Television Society.

Generally, the state rooms (including the throne room and white drawing room) are open to the public, through guided tours for 30 euros. And since the royal family’s private chambers could not be admired by visitors, Martin’s children had to use other sources to reproduce them on screen.

He states thus: “The only thing I knew was that the upstairs apartments were built in a row, that is, to say four rooms in a row attached to the door instead of a corridor … as soon as I knew that How something was arranged, from the Queen’s bedroom to Prince Philip’s bedroom, it’s suddenly as if I have an architectural metaphor for this extraordinary wedding. It meant that they could close the door in one or the other’s face Are, whenever they want, they can put a distance between them or at the opposite proximity. “

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