The classic is being relaunched as two-part –

François Civil, Eva Green and Vincent Cassell take the lead roles.

Filmmaker Dimitri Rassam teamed up with Path on a two-part adaptation of Alexandre Dumas’ classic “The Three Musketeers”. According to a special report by the journal ?? Diversity ?? Up to 60 million euros. It is certainly the most ambitious film project in Europe, except in Great Britain, since the epidemic. Title movies “Three Shotgun Soldiers ?? D ?? Artagan» And “Three Shotgun Soldiers ?? Mixed» Filmed together in France at the end of summer.

Then the main character D ?? Artagnan, Milady and Athos are played by Francois Civil, Eva Green and Vincent Cassel. Currently the project is still in preproduction. The German production company Constantine Film and Deplaneta from Spain are also on board to produce simultaneously and have already acquired rights to Germany and Spain. In France, the film is distributed by Pathe. The film was pre-purchased by M6, OCS and Canal Plus. M6 will also be a co-producer.

Top-class performers who bring together veteran actors and young talent include Vicky Crisp as Queen Anne of Austria, Pio Mormo as Portho, Duris as Aramis, Louise Garrell as King Louis XIII and The British thesis includes Oliver Jackson-Cohen. Emerging French star Leena Khaudry as Duke of Buckingham and Constance Bonacieux. More roles are to be announced in the coming weeks, including the new character Hannibal, which is based on the true story of Louis Anniba, the first black musician in French history.

One of France’s top producers, Rassam said, “We feel full responsibility to protect Dumas’ work while delivering an authentic and exciting film story for today’s audiences.”

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