Strict Caroline says ‘honeymoon time is over’ after naughty affair with Johannes

Strictly speaking, dance star Caroline Quantin has admitted that she is no longer a rose with her dance partner Johannes Radeb.

On Thursday he appeared this morning where he spoke with Holly Wilfby and Philip Schofield.

Talking about Caroline’s great score in the first week, Johannes admitted: “I was actually surprised about the scores, I thought they would probably score her 5.

“But when these seven decades came out, I was like, ‘This is proof of how hard you’ve been working for the last two weeks.’

Johannes said he did not expect Caroline to receive such a high score from the judges

Holly asked: “Is he a good student Johannes, does he listen and work hard?

Johannes replied: “He’s a great student and I’m not saying this just because he’s sitting next to me.

“She’s a very strong woman, but she’s taken the direction so well, as you can see, the performances proved it.

“I’m enjoying my time with him.”

Caroline said things were still awkward after the big row yesterday

Caroline Cutlen: “It was nice to say this to Johannes, but yesterday we had our first proper Barney and we’re both still a bit away from it.

“It’s really hard to say it’s always right for anyone, it’s pretty frustrating.

“I came up with an idea about a dance move and I was totally wrong, but instead of coming back with entertainment I just shook about it.

“And he was really upset with me!

Caroline Quantin and Johannes Radev reached the final

“And about ten minutes later I realized I was completely wrong.

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“I think our honeymoon time is over and it’s going to be … No, it won’t actually be, because I’m going to learn to stay calm and bow to higher knowledge.”

Phil asked Caroline about her dream of becoming a ballerina in her teens, and she explained: “Like many kids I went to ballet school, I was obsessed with it, ballet was my absolute life and my dream.

Contestants will now dance in an empty studio

“It didn’t happen for a variety of reasons, I wasn’t good enough, I wasn’t tall enough, my body wasn’t exactly right for it either.

“And all of a sudden now I’m getting the real pleasure of dancing with a partner, because I’ve never been able to work as a partner, I never lift.

“And whenever you dream of being a little girl … and I find the person who is the best in the world and needs to be.”

Asked about the news that studio viewers have been banned from the show for the first time in show history due to the lockdown, Caroline said: “We’re very aware of our listeners, so I hope we’ll be able to see the lens down.” Doing it directly.

“We want to keep in touch with our listeners, even if they’re not in the studio. We want to keep in touch with them at home.”

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