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The proposal includes films, TV series, children, animation, reality TV, lifestyle, crime novels and investigations, comedy, sports and documentaries.

Pluto TV, ViacomCBS Networks International’s free streaming service, is scheduled to launch in France on 8 February and aims to further expand its presence in Europe. The service aims to offer 40 channels to French viewers from Viacombs brands as well as third-party content from international and French publishers. Channels include Pluto TV Cine, Pluto TV Action and Pluto TV Drama, among others.

Pluto TV will be the first free, ad-supported television service launched in France. It will be available on all major streaming devices via the Pluto TV browser or Apple TV, Android TV and Amazon Fire TV.

“The launch of Pluto TV in France is an important step in expanding our company’s presence in Europe,” said Olivier Jollet, Senior VP of Emerging Buiness at Viacombs. The upcoming launch of Pluto TV in France will have successful launches in 17 countries (including Brazil) in the UK, Germany, Spain and Latin America. Jollet also stressed that Pluto TV has already proven itself in various European markets and that a launch in France would be only a logical outcome.

Pluto TV currently spans three continents and 24 countries with approximately 36 million active users worldwide. The next start of service is planned for the end of 2021. Then this service is available in Italy.

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