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Control inventory, update databases, manage programs and protect the whole thing from unauthorized access with reliable virus protection. Till now, it has been a real challenge for every small and medium sized company that wanted to make their stable business model successful online.

“Our common goal was to develop the simplest, most cost-effective and most efficient all-in-one software solution for online retailers”

Plesk, an internationally renowned software company as a cloud-based and traditional web hosting software platform, offers the Plesk eCommerce toolkit, which is equipped with all the relevant functions for online trading, by the shop system provider Ecwid. As a full-service payment provider, EVO Payments offers a full range of general payment systems. These make payment transactions as easy as possible for both the customer and the retailer. It does not matter whether the transaction takes place online (in an online shop, in a social network or in a mobile app) or offline, in a store or at a POS.

“Our general goal was to develop the simplest, most cost-effective and most efficient all-in-one software solution for online retailers. This should simplify and optimize daily business processes. In addition, it aims to increase dealer sales. This way, you can reach your customers in the best possible way. In partnership with Plesk, we enable e-commerce companies to achieve lasting success in the digital marketing of their products and services. Performs without the technical hassles, and with the right payment options embedded in your complete e-commerce solution,” said Darren Wilson, President International, EVO Payments.

Complete e-commerce solution roll-out to continue outside Europe

The integration of payment options is available free of charge. An interface developed by EVO exclusively for customers with preferential terms completes the complete e-commerce solution from Plesk. With personalized configuration options, it suits your own needs.

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“With EVO we have found a strong and reliable partner. Moreover, they benefit from many years of experience and impressive expertise in the field of online payments. This enables us to offer our partners and customers cutting edge experience and unbeatable prices. Especially in a fast-paced and demanding sector like e-commerce,” emphasizes Nils Hunecke, Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) at Plesk.

There are plans to expand the full e-commerce solution to other European countries, starting in Great Britain in June 2021 and subsequent roll-out in Germany. Spain and Poland as well as the United States are currently being planned.

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