Police are mounting a border patrol using ANPR to intercept Tier 3 residents

People expecting to travel from Bradford District to North Yorkshire may face police checks, it has been revealed.

Officers from North Yorkshire are patrolling the border to prevent people from entering the county from the Tier 3 area.

The ANPRO is being used in the campaign, it has been confirmed.

The Bradford District is one of the Tier 3 territories that shares a border with North Yorkshire, north of Kegley and south of Skipton.

Border patrols came in for criticism, with some skeptics suggesting that forces were going beyond the mark.

Readers at T&A target border patrols

North Yorkshire Police said “enforcers” took part in the operation, adding: “North Yorkshire police are conducting high-visibility patrols along the border to discourage neighboring Tier 3 locations from traveling in the area, increasing the risk of infection.

For their cowardly response, North Yorkshire Police-led Superintendent Mike Walker said: “People who live in level 3 are advised not to travel outside of work or study. I understand that there may be some confusion. Depending on what is considered necessary in the situation, I would like to make it clear here that please leave a Level 3 area and enter a lower level area for a day trip or visit a pub or restaurant. Please be reminded That the police at your level are with you and the police can enforce the law against you if they violate the restrictions

“For those who live in level 3, please do not try to remove the strict restrictions in your area by visiting 2 areas of neighboring level for one day or night. If you do this, you can inadvertently bring the virus with you and increase the chances of infection to local residents.

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“The North Yorkshire Police will actively patrol and increase their presence in this border area and we will police the coronavirus regulations. Our security camera fleet, equipped by ANPR, will also be visible on various routes in the region.

“North Yorkshire is well known for its hospitality and warmth, but now we need to ask visitors to stay at their own level for the health and safety of our most vulnerable residents. If you are planning a trip, please reschedule the time where we were able to give you a proper welcome in our beautiful county. ”

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