“Parthenon Marbles Should Go Back to Greece”

American actor, who has been involved for many years in favor of the restoration of Greek sculptures taken at the beginning of XIXI Lord Elgin believes that his restoration by the British Museum will go in the direction of history.

It is a bone of contention that has tainted relations between the United Kingdom and Greece for more than two centuries. The thorny subject of the Parthenon Marbles in the British Museum has been raised again by George Clooney during a visit to Greece. As the country prepares to celebrate 25 March 200I The anniversary of his independence, the American actor once again called a significant collection of Parthenon marbles to amend the United Kingdom and return to Greece, formed since the beginning of XIXI A century of the greatest treasures of the British Museum. “While there are many items of historical value that must be returned to their original owners, none are as important as the Parthenon Marbles.»Announced George Clooney according to the words stated by the Greek daily on Sunday 7 March Ta neya . «Parthenon statues must be returned to their original owner»Underlined the actor.

The artist’s commitment was praised by Janet Suzman, chairman of the British Committee for the Re-evaluation of Parthenon Sculptures, which was campaigning for the restoration of the Marbles in the United Kingdom. The actress who cited Ta neya George Clooney said that his commitment to it was a positive sign: “ It is the heart of Greece’s cultural heritage. The British Museum has abandoned them, but one day it will let them go home. He will because it is the right thing to do. Inviting imaginary property is something that a reputable institution cannot continue to cover itself without the slightest ridicule.“British Museum needs to be shown”Supreme generosity of soul“And a big”moral couragePaul Cartlett, Professor of Greek History at the University of Cambridge, also said.

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