Orelli Fonton, a “sustainable and biodesign” fashion designer

Founder of his own brand Aureli Fontan Design and co-founder of the MYKKÖ brand, this young budding designer is to be followed closely.

She is the first to make a fully biodegradable dress using a mixture of fermented kombucha tea, sugar, yeast and bacteria.

Can you tell me about your background?
Orelli Fonton: After a literary graduation, I followed Dupere Fashion School. To complete my training, I then decided to go to England and do my license at the University of the Arts in Edinburgh, a school focused on diversity, ecology and biodecine. 3. InTh The year, I started working in a scientific laboratory which gave me another dimension in my work and I specialized in biodesign. I then worked as an assistant designer at Mark & ​​Spencer. I am currently pursuing a master’s degree from the Royal College of Arts in London.

What awards have you received?
Orelli Fonton: At the end of my license, in 2018, I attended Graduate Fashion Week in London (400 Best Students from across the UK) and I had 6 nominations including the Dame Vivienne Westwood Ethnic and Sustainable Award, Mark & ​​Spencer. Catwalk Textiles Award for Best Collection of Women’s Ready-to-Wear and for Best Clothing Made. In 2019, I opened my own studio and won the Ones to Watch Award by Fashion Scout. Thanks for these prices, I own 1. Was able to makeis Show at London Fashion Week in 2019!

What is your brand concept?
Orelli Fonton: Each collection is made by hand, they are almost “pieces of art”. I consider myself to be a fashion couture, luxury, and innovator.

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How would you qualify it?
Orelli Fonton: I would say durable, rounded, avant-garde, speculative and versatile. All my collections are different, for each of them, you might think that they come from a different designer.

How did the idea of ​​using this type of material come to your mind?
Orelli Fonton: Today, there are a lot of people who cling to green and sustainable fashion because “it’s trendy” and a lot of “green washing”. Already during my license, I thought about looking for ecological clothing, but I didn’t want to limit myself to organic clothing like silk or cotton because they are very polluting. 4. InTh Year, I thought about making my own cloth and my own material. I made my own cellulose fabric so I made a kombucha tea dress. I wanted to prove that yes it was complicated and could not be worn in everyday life, but it was possible to achieve it! I made a dress that is 100% compostable and biodegradable. I pursue a concept called “technical craft”: a mixture of new techniques and artisan sides (handmade).

What is your latest creation?
Orelli Fonton: I did a collaboration with Netflix in November 2020 for the Bridgerton Chronicles series, where I had the opportunity to make 2 Zero Worthless Dresses for Daffney and Lady Danbury in silk. We were the 3 selected designers, especially thanks to the grant I received.

Did you make any other collaborations?
Orelli Fonton: I also collaborated with Samsung (my 2 collaboration)Th Collection), which 1. WasTime In the world the collection is done on a mobile phone. All the designs for the collection were done on the phone, we used robots to paint on the fabric instead of printing it. So the phone was connected to the robot and all the parts are connected to the 3D printed part. So the dress can be modified, removed, put back like a robot and the clothes are made of recycled leather.

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Have you ever attended a trade fair and how would you describe these experiences?
Orelli Fonton: I attended the Sustainable Angle Fair in London in the Innovation section. For Fashion Week, it is always stressful because there is complete preparation, a lot of people work for me. The most stressful is the live event. Will the model be able to walk with my dress? Having all these experiences at my age, I have gained a lot of professional experience.

What communication strategy do you adopt?
Orelli Fonton: I mainly use Facebook, Instagram especially with the Kovid crisis. I am thinking of staying a speculative studio or becoming a brand. I have a lot of presence in magazines where I have been interviewed. The awards I have won give me legitimacy.

What are your ambitions for the future?
Orelli Fonton: I’m trying to make a mycelium, mushroom dress for my next collection! We will develop the garment live by filming every day to see the development. I try to see if I keep the innovation side and whether I add Ready-to-Wear or Taylor-Made. My next collection will come in 3 months….

Article created by Anna Moukotel, Supervised by Kayra Brenzinger as part of Bachelor 1 Lux – Group EAC-ing Paris

For more information: https://www.aureliefontan.com

Instagram: aureliefontan.design
Photos by courtesy Orelli Fontan

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