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Iraq: Tensions between pro-government and pro-Iran militia

In Iraq, tensions between the government and pro-Iranian Shia militias are increasing. On Saturday, December 26, the Iraqi Hezbollah chief threatened the upcoming war between the Iraqi Prime Minister and the entire country between two of Baghdad’s great allies: Iran and the United States. From his point of view, the Iraqi Prime Minister should stop defending the interests of the American enemy in Iraq. This new show of force by pro-Iranian militias began just a week before another rocket attack on the US embassy in Baghdad. The culprit has not been officially identified, but all eyes were on the pro-Iran militia, and a member of one of these armed groups was also arrested by Iraqi forces in connection with the attack. A video directly threatening Prime Minister Mustafa al-Qadimi aired on the social network. During the night, it was the head of the Iraqi Hezbollah, one of the main pro-Iranian militias in Iraq, which in turn threatened the Prime Minister, recalling the unbreakable alliance between the various Iraqi militias. “We should not test the patience of resistance,” he specifically said. The current context is particularly sensitive. On behalf of the United States, Donald Trump is living out his last days as president and is waiting for any excuse for action against Iran. January 3 will be the first anniversary of the death of Iranian General Qasem Soleimani. Irrefutable evidence of independence taken by US forces in Iraq, assassination by United States on Iraqi soil, in Read also: United States will reduce its troops in Afghanistan and Iraq by January 2021

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