Mila Jovovich trades zombies for monsters in the first full Monster Hunter trailer

After trying to land zombies for several years Residents are evil, Mila Jovovich teamed up with an army of soldiers to launch a mega-giant attack Monster Hunter.

Based on the franchise of Capcom’s popular game, Monster Hunter Jovovich follows Captain Artemis and his team as they move into an alternate universe where monsters reign supreme. How to kill monsters (not exactly what most people in the world deal with), without any knowledge of partnering with a mysterious man named Artemis and his unit partner Hunter (Tony Ja). In addition to the Hunters, it is up to the team to find ways to fight and destroy the various monsters they face to protect their home.

Directed by Paul W. S. Anderson (Resident ilville, Mortal Kombat), Monster Hunter Looks like a mashup Mad Max Fury Road, Residents are evil, And various touches Godzilla Animals in monsters’ designs. It looks like quite a departure from the Capcom series, which allows players to wander around an open world and fight monsters in slow, carefully moving battles.

Based on the trailer, I didn’t even prepare to write any kind of stroller dialogue – but I do think we’ve come to a point where we’re referring to random Marvel Cinematic Universe movies (in this case, Galactic Guardians).

Monster Hunter It is set to hit theaters this December, but like almost every movie this year, the film may be delayed.

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