Meghan Markle attacked and deemed “useless” during Kovid-19!

Meghan Markle is more of a British tabloid than ever before. Harry’s wife was deemed “worthless” during Kovid-19.


Leaving England to settle in Los Angeles, Meghan Markle thought we would leave her alone, but did not. is that all The reverse happened.

Meghan Markle and Harry live in their mansion California for several months. He moved to Canada with his eighteen-month-old son, Archie.

Attacked and criticized for their decision, Meghan and Harry must therefore bear many criticisms about them. And They are not pleasant.

Actually, Hugo Wicker, Expert de la Royal Family, Has been announced Wire That young woman was useless. strong words. For this he compared the actions taken by Kate and William in England.

He explains that Cambridge Were in the foreground with the NHS (UK public health system), while Sussex enjoyed its new American life. Harsh words that would not have pleased the main interested party.

Meghan Markle should face criticism about her

Meghan Markle, heavily criticized during Kovid-19

Kate and William who are always involved in the associations they defend. Meghan and Harry have none. So that’s why The press is strict on them.

Expert Hugo Vickers has continued, even to say that Queen Elizabeth II’s favorite grandson has achieved a lot of feats before Megkit. And not Meghan and Harry’s …

Upon landing in Los Angeles, Meghan and Harry had clearly planned everything. So they signed juicy contracts with several brands. And they are iconic.

Among them, Netflix, Disney +. Or Spotify. Lovers are going to produce audio podcasts and previously Posted 2 days ago. just that.

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So you understand that a powerful couple does not have to Rumors and other criticisms In his view. Meghan and Harry leave the palace life for the glow of Los Angeles. And it is definitely better that way.