Manchester was disbanded after the last rush of people before strict restrictions were imposed UK News

Bars and restaurants on Manchester's so-called Curry Mile were full on Friday night

One last counter Manchester is absolutely rammed.

Millions of people in major cities and towns in the north of England know they are facing tougher, stricter restrictions early next week – which is why they are taking full advantage this weekend.

Manchester, a current Coronavirus A hotspot and a university city home for a few thousand students, it is incredibly busy until the 10-minute curfew.

Bars, restaurants and glass cafes are full.

It’s clear people just want one last loss before they get into what will feel like a second lockdown.

A bar worker removes chairs in Manchester as pubs and restaurants face tougher restrictions
A bar worker removes chairs in Manchester as pubs and restaurants face tougher restrictions

In the city center, pubs and bars were full on Friday evenings – it was impossible to get bookings at any restaurant.

The nickname of a section of Willsmlow Road in south Manchester, the infamous Curry Mile, was as busy as the glass cafes.

Businesses thrive here, but at 10pm the house lights up, the music stops, and people come out like sheep.

The city is facing tougher restrictions as two drinkers are due to arrive in Manchester on Friday.
Two drinkers were spotted at a Manchester pub on Friday as the city faces tougher restrictions.

But you ask, “Where are we going now?” Hear questions like, “What are we going to do?”

People try to decide their next step to walk the streets smoothly, even after Friday night is too young.

The Curry Mile had bumpers in traffic as hundreds of cars left at one point.

A group of women told us: “We had to do this tonight or we wouldn’t see each other for a week.”

One guy who just kept a dessert parlor: “Everyone knows these places are going to be completely closed next week so there’s going to be bananas this weekend.”

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There are steps in places, QR check-in codes are everywhere, but people don’t seem to really think about the virus.

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Social distance is very non-existent and very few people wear masks inside and outside these places.

“One person said for the first time, ‘I don’t have to be as anxious as I used to be,'” one said.

And while some businesses are losing customs due to the 10-hour curfew, many are incredibly happy because it’s so busy – they want to get as much cash as they can before it’s completely closed, because who knows how long

It’s hard to blame anyone here, what people are doing is not illegal, they are not breaking the rules by going outside for food, drink and drink – but all of this has spread to the north of England as the virus has spread, especially in Manchester and it is re-hospitalizing people. .

This is one of the main reasons for concern here and for the government to take action next week.

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