London in Tier 2 – What it means for you

Why not in London Tier 3?

The new level of decision has been decided by government ministers, who have categorized regions according to various reasons, including its case detection rate, pressure on local NHS services, and positivity among the general public. The decision to place London in Tier 2 is therefore a reflection of all these factors.

On November 2, Senior Tory Minister Ian Duncan Smith suggested that bringing the capital under the highest level of sanctions would be disastrous for the entire country’s economy, sharing: “If London catches the winter, the rest of the country follows suit.

“And so our real problem is balance, which I’m not worried about. The economy is important – it’s not just about money, it’s about livelihoods, life, mental health, there are all kinds of things that come with a good economy behind a failed economy.

Is the infection rate high in London?

On November 2, the day the new levels were announced, the rate of Kovid-19 infection was declining, with only 0.787 percent of the population infected. It is currently the fourth-lowest regional infection rate in the country and below the national average.

Nevertheless, the highest rate of any region in London being ranked in Tier 2 of Havering is 342.9. This rate is more than 92 out of 119 where Tier 3 is now facing restrictions.

Will London go to Tier 3?

If the number of lawsuits in London increases and with the pressure of its NHS services, the region will move to the maximum level of restriction. Possibility to go to level 3.

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As the Prime Minister attended the briefing from Downing Street, the regions are likely to move levels, as he said “your level is not your destiny”.

Grotos allowed but did not sit on Santa’s lap

Grottos will be allowed to open at all levels, new government guidelines have confirmed, but will be banned from sitting on Santa’s lap.

Places need to have proper cove-protected arrangements and families need to maintain a social distance from Father Christmas.

Door-to-door carol singing will be allowed as long as the teams are outside and keep each other away.

However, those in Tier 3 will not be able to take part in the school birth drama and will have to watch a live stream or a recording instead.

Performances need to be in existing school bubbles, with no mix between groups.

Level 1 and 2 listeners will be able to take part under “Stay in a safe place”.

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