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Pollution: ArcelorMittal before justice

Several environmental associations claimed in court on Tuesday that steel giant ArcelorMittal lost 110,000 euros for violating a law on pollutant emissions at its plant in Fosse-sur-Mer, near Marseille, for several years. The decision of the ex-judicial court will be known on June 29.

Plaintiff accuses ArcelorMittal “seriously harms the environment and in particular harms the air quality and health of local residents”, in a living area where “They are already subject to very strong air pollution”.

Benzene, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides … The Foss-sur-Mer steelworks did not comply with the limit values ​​set by law for emissions of these pollutants between 2013 and 2018, assured the lawyer for France Nature Environment (FNE). , Matthew Victoria, before the Judicial Court of Aix-en-Provence.

For defence, Me Joel Hershtel assures ArcelorMittal “Very concerned about its environmental footprint”. to explain “deviation” Along with the regulations, it has put forward the replacement of 136 coking ovens, “Too long work to meet administrative deadline”.

The group recently communicated its desire to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, assuring that 15 million euros from the state would make it possible to build FOSS “an exemplary site” in this matter.

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