Live – Coronavirus: Hospital pressure lowest since end of October

The decline continues. Now, fewer than 20,000 patients are hospitalized in France due to Kovid, the lowest since the end of October 2020. The European Union, for its part, is working on a list of countries with no entry restrictions. However, there is bad news in the United States, where rare cases of heart problems have been detected in young people following an injection of the messenger RNA vaccine, even though no link has been formally established. Follow the development of the live situation.

Key information to remember

– Less than 20,000 hospitalized patients in France, including 3,515 in critical care

– Rare cases of myocarditis were reported in the United States after injection of the messenger RNA vaccine

– The European Union is working on the list of countries with no entry restrictions.

Hospital pressure lowest since end of October

According to the latest figures published by Public Health France, the number of Kovid-19 patients in French hospitals, including intensive care units, continued to decline on Sunday. Hospitals in France currently accommodate 19,720 Kovid-19 patients (compared to 19,765 a day earlier), with 324 admitted in the last 24 hours. For the first time since October 27, the figure fell below 20,000 on Saturday.

In critical care services, where the most seriously ill patients live, there were 3,515 patients (compared to 3,544 the day before), with 73 more recently admitted (the day before). The figure hovered around 5,900 to 6,000 during the peak of the third wave during the second half of April, before falling sharply from the beginning of May. The hospital has killed 70 people (89 according to data released on Saturday), with the total number of deaths since the onset of the epidemic in early 2020 being over 108,500.

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Vaccination of rare heart problems in young people

Very rare cases of heart problems in adolescents or young adults who have been vaccinated against Kovid-19 have been reported by US health officials this week, with no link to vaccination at this time.

According to the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control, the main federal agency, reports of myocarditis, inflammation of the heart muscle, have been found in people who received the Messenger RNA vaccine developed by Pfizer / BioNotech or Modern. Public health of the country.

European Union: List of countries without entry restrictions

EU member states will have to establish a list of additional European countries by June 9, whose citizens will be able to enter the European territory independently, the French foreign minister said on Sunday. He said that this “green” category would make it possible to come to Europe “without any difficulty except for a minimum health check-up”.

In addition, there is an “orange list” that would identify countries whose citizens would have received a “recognized vaccine” by the European Union and a “red list” with “extremely strong constraints” due to the circulation of the Kovid variants. 19, added the foreign minister. The latter list currently includes Brazil, Argentina and India.

Israel wants to end the sanctions

The Ministry of Health said on Sunday that Israel planned to end most of the health restrictions related to coronoviruses in its region from the beginning of June, adding that the government had not yet voted in favor of the proposal. The ban on travelers entering Israel will remain unchanged, with the ministry also considering tightening them to prevent them from entering Israeli territory.

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At the worst time of the epidemic, Israel was registering around 10,000 new patients per day. The Ministry has identified twelve in the last 24 hours. In total, 839,319 cases of infection have been officially reported in the country, including 6,404 deaths.

United Kingdom: Johnson’s strategy was crushed by a former advisor

Dominic Cummings, a former adviser to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, has strangled dealing with the epidemic, accusing it of being corrosive to the government, three days before the hearing before a parliamentary committee. Has been done.

In a series of tweets published on Saturday night, Dominic Cummings claimed that when the epidemic broke out in early 2020, the government’s plan was to allow the virus to spread so that the majority of the population could develop resistance after contracting the disease.

More than 3,445 million dead

According to an assessment established by the AFP in the middle of the day on Sunday from official sources, the worldwide epidemic has killed at least 3,456,282 people since the end of December 2019. After the United States (589,883), the countries with the most deaths are Brazil (449,068), India (299,266), Mexico (221,597) and the United Kingdom (127,716).

These figures, which are based on daily reports of national health officials, are usually underestimated.

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