Lind has revealed a huge sharing tin of chocolate truffles

Lind has revealed a huge sharing tin of chocolate truffles

We all know that there is 2020Absolutely nothing big happened, what happened on all the canceled holidays, this job and … you know, the coronavirus.

But still no one can promise to make it better, Lindt Steps taken at the right time to give some respite from all the darkness. In particular, vacations in the form of huge tins of chocolate truffles.

Credit: Lind / Instagram

Of course, we’re all longtime fans of sharing tins like Celebrations, Quality Street and Roses, which can be spread out any Christmas time in no time.

And now we’ve got one more to add to the lineup, which is nothing short of absolutely amazing news.

For the first time, Lind is popping up 32 individually wrapped truffles in one Huge Perfect for sharing us with family – away from the tin-summer events The end, And perception We must accept it Dark on the sofa, winter evening So be it Our new normal

Brand new for Christmas 2020 200 g Pre-divided tin Featuring chocolate truffles in six Taste: Classic milk, white and extra dark, as well as milk and white, hazelnuts and and Brand new Salted caramel

Credit: Lind
Credit: Lind

There are many more like this

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Available at Tesco, Sciencebury and Lind stores (online and retail), they Priced at 15 15 each – though you can get a মূল্য 10 promotional price depending on each retailer in each store.

As Head up, we found that the tins are currently available Tesco website For a অফ 10 promoter offer.

New product features’ vLavender hints at LVT Milk Chocolate and Lind says: “Linder C is associated with salt caramel – a dark chocolate shell, a smooth caramel with a pinch of salt enhancing the flavor center.

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“Suitable for sharing or for your special moments every day” “

Sell! Not sure about this sharing business though.

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