Like in “James Bond”! British Secret Service MI6 suspends the post of “Q”

He appears in every “James Bond” film: the tech-savvy “Q” that presents Bond with the latest weapons. MI6 now really fills this situation.

London – Looking for a new job? The British Secret Service MI6 has advertised a very special situation.

Desmond Llewellyn († 87, R.) played the head of the department of the same name “Q” in 17 “James Bond” films. “James Bond: The World Is Not Enough” from 1999 with Pierce Brosnan (67) seen here as Secret Agent 007. © United International Pictures

The scene is in every good James Bond film: the head of the British secret service’s development department, known as “Q”, presents Agent 007 with the latest secret weapons.

The International Secret Service MI6 has now actually advertised this post. Richard Moore, the chief of officials, announced on Thursday Twitter Together.

We are looking for an experienced company manager from the digital technology or mechanical engineering fields, as stated in the tender.

“As a ‘Q’ you will be responsible for the teams that implement the technology to fulfill our mission against the UK’s toughest opponents,” the job advertisement continued.

In a recent interview with Times Radio, Moore said the post was now officially called “Q”.

The head of the authority has set a goal to make the service more visible to the public.

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