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News: A 14-year-old school student complains of sexual harassment against his principal

A scandal took place this week at the private high school Saint-Jean-de-Paissy in the sixteenth arena of Paris. Since last June the director of this prestigious establishment, Daniel Chapellier, was convicted for “sexual assault on a minor”. France Television met him in 2011 when he was the director of Stanislas College in the 6th elite. Man is a strong person in Catholic education. The board of directors, in an email sent on Thursday 11 February, warned the families of 2,900 students, recall 19/20 of Saturday 13 February. Many youths reveal similar facts. A 14-year-old school student accused the principal of improper gestures during his office summons for disciplinary problems. The 71-year-old director dismissed the allegations, according to his lawyer. The investigation has just started. Other boy students report similar facts in front of France television cameras. “He asks me if I watch pornographic content on the Internet, how often, he also asks me if I masturbate, and how often I do”, assures a young man. The director has resigned from his post. A listening room has been established for the students.

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