Kovid-19: The United States is in favor of lifting the patent on vaccines

Unimaginable under the Trump administration! The United States supports the lifting of intellectual property protection for Kovid-19 vaccines, to accelerate the production and distribution of precious serums worldwide. The announcement was made on Wednesday by the administration of Democratic President Joe Biden.

For some time, divisions have been growing between divided struggling nations and affluent countries, where the immunization campaign – soon expanded to teenagers in the United States and children up to 12 years in Canada – is a gradual lifting of health restrictions. Allow

“This is a global health crisis, and the extraordinary circumstances of the Kovid-19 epidemic for extraordinary measures,” said US Trade Representative Katherine Tai. “The administration strongly believes in intellectual property protection, but to end this epidemic, it supports lifting these protections for vaccines against Kovid-19,” she said.

A debate is still insoluble

Washington “actively” participates in negotiations conducted at the WTO (World Trade Organization) to allow at least temporary lifting of these patents. This authority is specifically requested by India and South Africa to be able to speed up production.

India, which is facing a second devastating wave, has claimed 3,780 deaths in 24 hours and an additional 382,000 pollution, more than 222,000 deaths and around 20.3 million cases in total, a record which some experts have reported as widespread Is rated as follows.

For months, more than 160 member countries of the World Trade Organization have been meeting regularly to deal with the health crisis. Some debates are insoluble, including the lifting of patents that have been rejected so far by the countries of the North.

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Urged by the World Health Organization (WHO) to show solidarity in the region, members of the G7 (United States, Japan, Canada, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Italy) discussed in London on Wednesday that ‘ Means to “grow them” share financial aid or additional supplements to help poor states.

Kovacs, a sharing system with poor countries that primarily supplies itself with AstraZeneca serum, is actually slipping: it has delivered only 49 million doses in 121 countries and territories, against a target of two billion in 2021.

France prays for charity

Some countries, including France, are opposed to the patent lifting. Paris urges donations in favor of poor countries. Powerful pharmaceutical companies have protested globally against the suspension of their patents, arguing that it forbids expensive research.

In this context, Catherine Tai admits that negotiations at the World Trade Organization “will take time to stake the agreed nature of the institution and the complexity of the issues”. ” aim […] It is to provide as many safe and effective vaccines as possible to as many people as possible, ”emphasized Catherine Tai, particularly as an epidemic in India. The ambassador also commented, “The administration will continue to intensify its efforts to expand the manufacture and distribution of vaccines – in collaboration with the private sector and all potential partners.”

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