»KINMOZA!«: New movie start date + teaser

An anime adaptation of the »KINMOZA!« (Japanese: »Kiniro Mosaic) was announced on the website today that the new film for the franchise will be shown in Japanese cinemas from August 20, 2021. At the same time a new teaser was published.

Series available at Crunchyroll

Studios Gokumi and XCZ are responsible for producing the new film, titled “Kiniro Mosaic: Thank You !!” is. Munnori will direct Nava (“NAKAIMO – My Little Sister Is Dewar Them!”). The script is written by Uniqo Aiyana (“Bakuman”), while Kazuyuki Uda is involved in the project as a character designer.

The accompanying anime series consists of two seasons so far, produced under the direction of Motoki Tanaka at Studio Dokumi. The first twelve-part season went on in 2013, followed by the second season of the twelve-part season in 2015. The first film was released in November 2016.

Both seasons of »KINMOZA!« Are available in this country in the original language with German subtitles in Crunchierol. The first film cannot be streamed or purchased yet.

>> for the series in Crunchyroll



Shinobu Omiya is 15 years old and looks like a typical Japanese girl with jet black hair and warm eyes. While she was in middle school, she spent some time in Britain and befriended a girl there. She remembers her time there and one day a letter for her arrives in airmail.

© Yui Hara / Hubunsha / Kiniro Mosaic Production Committee

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