Khloe Kardashian sparks fresh surgery speculation as she shows off plumped pout

Khloe Kardashian sparks fresh surgery speculation as she shows off plumped pout

Khloe Kardashian is facing fresh speculation she’s undergone cosmetic surgery after showing off a plumped up pout.

The reality TV star, 36, has baffled her followers in recent weeks with many remarking on her” changing face “.

In a series of pictures posted to Instagram this weekend, Khloe looked noticeable different once again.

Many fans remarked on her lips – suggesting she may have had fillers to plump up her pout.

Some put the changes down to clever lipstick and editing tricks, while others are convinced she’s had more work done.

One tweeted: “A person who continuously undergoes plastic surgery for vanity reasons has something going on.”

Another added: “idk why people hating on Khloé Kardashian. So what if she got surgery? Her Choice not yours.”

Khloe Kardashian’s latest post has left fans baffled

A third wrote: “Never be someone on tv especially Khloe who’s had more surgery then her whole family, you look way better then her, you’re beautiful girl.”

One more moaned that Khloe no longer looks like herself any more, writing: “Too bad you wont back off the plastic surgery, you were beautiful before ALL of it.

“If you weren’t so insecure you wouldnt feel the need to keep doing it. the latest pics are terrible….you dont even look like YOU anymore.”

She posted a series of shots taken in her car

Khloe looked dramatically different last year

Recently a group of followers think they’d solved the mystery o Khloe’s changing face and even found the particular app and filter she’s been using.

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They have been posting their own pictures online which have been doctored using the filter, which is called Silk by FaceApp – and they are convinced it’s the same one Khloe has been using.

Fans think she’s plumped up her pout

Khloe pictured back in 2018

Despite all the surgery speculation, Khloe has previously insisted she’s never gone under the knife – and doubts she ever will.

She denied having a nose job and insisted her different look was down to clever make-up.

Khloe said: “One day I think I’ll get one because I think about it every day.

“But I’m scared so, for now, it’s all about contour.”

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