Katie Price confirms truth about puppy Rolo’s tragic accident

Katie Price confirms truth about puppy Rolo's tragic accident

Katie Price has revealed what really happened when her puppy Rolo died in a tragic accident.

The French Bulldog pup, who was a gift for Princess on her 13th birthday three weeks ago, died this week.

Katie confirmed that Rolo had suffocated after getting stuck under an armchair, as the Mirror revealed yesterday.

Sharing the truth about what happened, Katie said in a new YouTube video: “It’s a bit doom and gloom, I feel we have to do this because me and Princess are getting a lot of stick and I don’t understand why.”

Sitting alongside her daughter, she added: “At the end of the day, Princess’ dog Rolo tragically died and we’re absolutely devastated.

“As a mum, the reason I got Princess another dog was because she was do distraught, like I was, about her dog Sparkle getting run over.

“Again, I wasn’t even at home when this happened. I actually read it, Pete was messaging me saying ‘your dog’s dead’, I had to read it online and that was a shock. She was so devastated, she’s always looking at pictures of Sparkle and saying ‘Mum I want another dog’.”

Katie and Princess have spoken out

Katie says she finally found a dog that she could get for Katie, but then tragedy struck.

“Having to make that phone call to my daughter was the worst thing in the world,” she said. “Because I don’t want to make her heartbroken, she’s literally been heartbroken twice for something she’s genuinely fallen in love with. She doted on that dog.”

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Katie went on: “I’m genuinely devastated that this has happened and people trolling us and turning on us, it’s not even our fault it’s happened. I don’t even know what to say.”

Princess said: “I don’t even know why people are hating to be honest.”

Explaining how Rolo died, Katie said: “So I know the fans are asking what’s happened to the dog.

“Basically I was in the other room because we’re going on holiday, packing their suitcases, and there was five people in the other room, so people saying the puppy was left, it wasn’t left at all.

Katie and Princess said no one was to blame for the dog’s death

“And it just got stuck under one of the chairs.”

Princess said: “Bunny was even there playing with him so it’s not like he was on his own.”

Katie said she was just told that the dog had died and she asked “What do you mean?”

“It’s just awful,” she said.

“It absolutely wasn’t anybody’s fault, it was an absolute freak accident. I still can’t believe it, I’m still in shock.”

Katie said she was told by a vet that what happened with the dog was “really common”.

She said: “They’re small puppies, they get into small spaces, suffocate, this, that.

“As soon as we found the dog I said ‘Oh my god, he’s got to still be alive’. I started pressing his chest, took him to the vet straight away and he was pronounced dead, there was nothing they could do, but they did say he wouldn’t have died in pain, it was quick.

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“We’re having to deal with the dog and as a mum I just feel for Princess, it’s awful. I’m so upset for Princess. At the end of the day it’s poor Princess’ dog that’s gone, the whole family is distraught.”

Katie tried to save Rolo’s life when he was found

Katie said she didn’t understand why the breeders had turned on her.

She said: “I’ve never said a bad word about them.”

And Princess jumped in: “If anything, mum really stuck up for them so for them to turn on mum is just wrong.”

Katie said people shouldn’t be blaming the breeders because it wasn’t their fault, but that it was “inconsiderate” of them to text Princess and ask questions after she’d told them what had happened.

“She’s 13 years old, you don’t do that,” she said.

“Just let us grieve and get on with it. Obviously we’ve had to tell you what’s happened because it’s one of the worst things to see a lifeless puppy there who was fine five minutes before, because it came to see me.”

They said trolls targeting them were “cruel”

Princess said she loved her dog and that she had done everything with him for the three weeks she’s had him.

They explained that Princess was unable to take Rolo with her when she went to dad Peter Andre’s because his wife Emily is allergic to dogs, but that Rolo had been fine every other time she gone to her dad’s.

She added: “It’s just a tragic accident and no one was to blame.”

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Princess said people shouldn’t be blaming her mum because it wasn’t her fault.

They then thanked everyone who was supporting them and told the trolls that what they are doing is “unnecessary and cruel”.

Following Rolo’s death, Princess spoke out to tell her followers that despite rumours, Rolo had not been hit by a car.

Princess was given Rolo for her 13th birthday

She said: “Just to say guys, I’m absolutely devastated with Rolo.

“I can’t even speak properly about it.

“Obviously we know what’s happened, my family, but no one actually knows what happened, so the people saying he got hit by a car and all of this, no guys, you don’t know what happened.”

Princess also paid tribute to her puppy on her Instagram account, sharing a string of adorable pictures of Rolo.

The family have suffered a number of tragic losses when it comes to their pets.

He tragically died this week

In February, Katie’s Alsatian Sparkle was killed after being hit by a car.

Her dog Queenie died in similar circumstances, after being run over by a pizza delivery van.

The family also had a pet chameleon named Marvin who died, and one of Katie’s horses was killed in a crash too.

Just last month, Katie surprised Princess with her puppy Rolo, and the mother-daughter duo headed to a pet store to stock up on essentials for her new dog.

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