Kate Garaway urges GMB viewers to follow Covid guidelines to save Christmas

Kate Garaway urges GMB viewers to follow Covid guidelines to save Christmas

Kate Garaway wants the UK people to follow the rules of cobwebs – masks, social distance and the rules of the six – to be enforced by the government.

The GMB host gave his opinion while looking at the headlines of the article in the morning papers of the ITV news show on Thursday.

A front page illustration shows Prime Minister Boris Johnson urging UK citizens to adhere to coronavirus rules to “save” chronomes, and Kate agrees with the splash: “That’s the idea.”

Kate Garvey wants the UK public to follow the Covid guidelines

He reiterated his point of view during discussions with Dr. Hillary.

Doc expressed his views on the coronavirus epidemic and its proper rules for stopping the spread of the virus.

“We need to keep it under control,” shared the treatment professional.

The GMB host shared his views as he presented the version of the ITV news show on Thursday

“Because if things get out of hand, we will definitely need another national lockdown.

“It got things under control before, but that’s the last resort,” he noted.

Kate then added: “Yes, Boris Johnson said on the front page, ‘Keep the rules unchanged so we can save Christmas.’

“That’s the general idea behind it,” he said.

Kate’s husband, Derek, contracted the coronavirus in March and is still in hospital

Kate’s husband, Derek Drager, is slowly recovering from his coronavirus illness.

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Kate is set to recover from her beloved husband, Derek Covid, 19, as he signed a contract earlier this year.

Derek, 53, is still in hospital but awake from a coma and recovering from extensive damage from the virus.

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