Justice was finally acquitted of the postal workers who were accused of theft.



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The accounting software made the British postal workers look like crooks, leading to punishment and imprisonment. The justice ordered the post office to pay compensation to its former managers.

The British Post has found itself at the center of Britain’s biggest abortion of justice. Hundreds of officers have been wrongly accused of theft and fraud. One mother, Seema Mishra, spent 15 months in prison specifically for a crime she did not commit. “Thought there is no justice. That day, the judge sentenced me and found me guilty.“, Comment on it.

In 1999 new software was installed in all post offices. This is indeed flawed: there is no mismatch between the inflow of money and the turnover it indicates. In 2008, Seema Mishra noticed a false hole of 92,000 euros in her cash register. Same nightmare in another agency. “My lawyers told me, ‘You will be convicted of false accounts anyway. But if you plead guilty, you will get half the penalty‘”, Which Hamilton recalls.

After years of legal battles, 39 post managers have just been approved by the British courts. “About 900 agents concerned, 900 prestige filthy, the financial compensation that the post office will have to pay us will never forget the huge loss.“, France Television London journalist Maryse Burgot, indicates on Monday, May 24.

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