Is there life after Brexit?

DThis year, Thursday is the most important day. It is 23 June and is not the date of the final of the European Football Championship. On this day the citizens of the United Kingdom vote on “Brexit”, so it is: European Union or non-European Union? Stay or go? Depending on the answer, it may not only be the most important day of the year, but also the most important day of the decade. Or even further.

If it speaks of Brexit, the results are huge, everyone agrees. This is clear to Great Britain, it will break ties with the European Union and thus with its most important trading partner. This is why supporters of an evacuation want, after all, enough trouble in their eyes anyway: constant dictates from Brussels, uncontrollable immigration from Eastern Europe, the refugee crisis – and not forgetting the seven billion euro euro for Great Britain each year. Pays transfers its membership to the European Union. It is high time that this has changed. The discussion on the island is emotional, downright emotional.

There is no blueprint

On the other hand, in the European Union, people have been pretending that emigration is a purely British affair. This is due to the sensitive constellation. Jean-Claude Juncker, the chairman of the EU Commission, considers the departure from Great Britain as a “catastrophe”. However, he admits that he is currently not traveling to Europe so as not to reduce opportunities for the European Union. After all, the commission is extremely unpopular in the UK.

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Thus the European Union voluntarily insults itself as a spectator, although there would be good reason for it to come into the ring. The result will also be huge for the European Union, if its existence is not threatened – not least because other EU states may be motivated by exit. Centrifugal forces are unpredictable.

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