Imposing new lockdown restrictions on stockports – these are the new rules

Imposing new lockdown restrictions on stockports - these are the new rules

Stockport will be returned under local lockdown rules after the rate of coronavirus infection increases.

A Thursday Greater Manchester rule will now also apply to Stockport, a councilor has confirmed.

Counter David Meller, a member of the Stockport Council for the Economy, announced the new rules this (Friday) morning, bringing changes to reduce the rate of infection.

This means that boroughs are no longer subject to the same restrictions as other countries and will instead be subject to specialized local regulations.

Counter Mailer said the rule changes would take effect from tomorrow (Saturday), although the government has not yet confirmed this.

Stockport was subject to the same rules as Greater Manchester on 30 July, but local leaders successfully lobbied for the city to be removed from sanctions because the infection rate was much lower than in other boroughs at the time.

But the number of positive tests has risen sharply in recent weeks, with more than 100 new infections per 100,000 people in the past week.

In a post on Facebook, Counter Mailer said: “Some bad news, I’m scared.

“Stockport may be subject to additional COVID restrictions on those announced earlier this week. These will be tomorrow, TBC.”

He said the infection rate in this city for every 100,000 people is still lower than the regional average but now much better than the average for England.

Both Stockport Council and the Tory MP for the borough opposed the move, arguing that the borough should be under the new national initiative announced by Boris Johnson earlier this week.

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Hazel Grove MP William Ragg said: “I support the Stockport Council in giving bed time to new national initiatives. I hope these measures stay with us for as short a time as possible, as I have deep concerns about their impact on people’s lives and family responsibilities. “

The meaning of the new rule is:

  • You must not host people who do not live in your home or in your garden or meet them in their home or garden if there is no support bubble.
  • Some people can still go to your home but only in this particular situation.
  • Nightclubs and dance halls are closed.
  • You should not communicate with other family members at any public venue, including pubs, bars or restaurants, unless they are in your support bubble.
  • You should not visit friends or family in your care home unless under exceptional circumstances.
  • You should wear a mask on public transport and avoid traveling with other people in the house where

The rest of the country has other rules, including a ban on pubs and restaurants only for providing table services and closing at 10pm.

To check the rules or see if you fall into any exceptions, visit the government website

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