Here are some tasty, dating from 1957 to the present day

1957. Spaghetti tree

The very serious British television channel BBC broadcast a three-minute report on the cultivation and harvesting of spaghetti trees in Switzerland! Tells La Voix du Nord, who dedicates an article “Best April Fools in History”. In addition, the spaghetti tree has its own Wikipedia page in French.

1972. Now we’ll drive to the left

At France Inter, it is announced that after the arrival of the United Kingdom in the European Economic Community, road traffic will now be on the left in France.

1986. Eiffel Tower departs for Disneyland

The newspaper “Le Parisien” announced that the Eiffel Tower would be moved to Disneyland Park, then to the project in Marne-la-Vallely. The region? Construction of a stadium for the 1992 Olympics, the newspaper cites seriously. Despite many denials, many believed this information.

1993. Remains of Asterix village discovered

The English daily “The Independent” has announced that archaeologists have discovered the village estrests of Britney University professors, declaring themselves as pieces decorated in the form of an incredible collection of wild boar as well as menhirs. Has lent to the game.

1998. A burger for left-handed people

In the American daily “USA Today”, Burger King published a full-page advertisement promoting a left-handed burger. Its special feature: It has the same materials as usual, except that they have been changed to 180 degrees. Thousands of people have turned to fast food outlets to buy the famous hamburger…

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2009. Wind turbines slow down the rotation speed of the Earth

Wind turbines are responsible for slowing the rotation of the Earth, taking French 3 journalists very seriously, explaining that their action will actually reduce our days by 24 to 25 hours and so we need to review all our measures Need time!

2020. Postponed to 1 April

In an incoherent style, and amidst a health crisis, “Le Conard Enchain” makes headlines in the Wednesday April 1, 2020 issue. “Coronavirus Warning: As a precaution, April 1, 2020 has been postponed until April 1, 2021.”

Volkswagen’s transformation into “Volkswagen” was an April Fool’s joke … failed

This year is one of the April Fools of 2021 which has done a great job…

Volkswagen was to end the confusion on Tuesday evening: Contrary to what was officially announced earlier today, the group would not rename “Voltswagen” in the United States. It was an April joke, a spokesperson confirmed to AFP.

The venerable German manufacturer was surprised by claiming to have renamed its subsidiary in the country “Voltschwagen of America” ​​to symbolize its turn to electricity.

Between the press release on the US site and the changing of the Twitter account, everything was done to give this announcement an official character. It was widely covered in the media, including AFP.

A spokeswoman in the United States, interviewed by the agency, even confirmed the content of the press release on Tuesday.

But this information, known for its traditional arrogance, unveiled two days before and when the group is launching a new electric vehicle in the United States, has also raised suspicion.

Another spokesperson for the group confirmed to AFP on Tuesday evening that it was indeed a hoax.

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