GTO Engineering’s ‘Modarna’ will be a 60’s inspired V12 sports car

Let’s pretend you’ve already got a redesigned 911 by the singer in your climate-controlled garage, next to a great agglove e-type, and a few more cars like the likes of Astron Martin and Jaguar. You’re lucky. Life is beautiful.

And yet, leaning towards you, there is room to have something more in the corner … Italian.

GTO Engineering seems to have the answer. A brand new sports car inspired by the best classics of the 1960s, all rolled into one basepack package. There isn’t a lot of mashups about this size, some jaguars and lots of Ferraris

They call it ‘Moderna’ because it seems to be a modern version of something old Modena. Huh! Gaddit?

At the moment, this car is present as a few sketches and concepts in the noggin of Mark Lyon, the founder of GTO Engineering. Grab a napkin, because the dream he had is mouth watering.

“We created the 250 SWB recovery and learned that a lot of good Ferraris were worked on to make a great sports car with the weight of the car and the engine being the two main components.

“So, we knew this car should be under one ton and powered by a quad-cam V12 – an engine format we’re familiar with and develops in-house” “Recon at 300-400bhp and so much noise. Illegal in Switzerland after.

To keep the weight down to one ton, the magic of engineers in the sixties: the original body would be made from carbon fiber.

But how to pay attention to detail? Feeling the same comfort as a period timer to make sure the door closes or the bonnet opens, those panels will be aluminum. The whole car will be made by hand in the UK.

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Like the ‘revival of the 250 SWBs’ that have left our little minds (and our hearing aids) behind over the summer, everything about Modern will be tailored to your taste buds.

Give a hidden peek inside the GTO engineering workshops here

From your Opera V12 you can choose how much horsepower you want, how many gears you would like, what kind of adjustment balance to fancy, and then there are colorful rainbows and trim choices to think about.

The first cars won’t be completed until at least 2022, so you have plenty of time to make your decision – and about ১ 1.3 million (extra tax) is left. Would it be your choice to complete the final restored dream garage?

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