Growth is gaining momentum all over the world

National authorities, airlines, airports, even hotel groups: all these businesses are accelerating the deployment of solutions to organize travel stakeholders Return to an activity as “normal” as possible. And this, with various partners, following different options, but with a common desire: to ensure the safety of their customers or their residents with a simple and technical solution to prove their vaccination or negative test tourism. To reopen the area.

Since the beginning of the year, experiments follow each other and their effective implementation takes more body every day. Calendars are becoming more accurate. Thus, while the European Union outlined its green certificate on 17 March, its launch should take place before 15 June. If this solution aims to facilitate travel – in this case intra-European -, others primarily aim Make everyday life simple.

In this context, in the United States, New York State launched the Excelsior Digital Health Pass on April 2, based on the use of free and voluntary service. Based on IBM technology at recent sporting events including Madison Square Garden, this digital pass will allow residents of the state Easy access to stadiums, concert halls and theaters, But also to participate in events such as cocktails and weddings. ” The innovative Excelsior Pass has a new element in our toolbox to fight viruses, while allowing more areas to be safely reopened and personal information protected.“State Governor Andrew Cuomo said.

Other cities, regions, or countries will undoubtedly follow this trend in the future, which is conducive to relaunching the field of events. In the same vein, some hotel groups, especially in the Atlantic, intend to Safe meetings and other corporate events overseen through Kovid tests. « As more customers book face-to-face meetings and events, questions about screening options for attendees have increased significantly. Describes Frank Passante, senior vice president of Hilton Worldwide, charged with sales to the US. In the United States, Hilton and Marriott have organized themselves to meet the expectations of the organizers. Closer to home, the Radisson Group joined the movement in early April with a testing program for their hotels in the EMEA region.

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As a part of its meetings and events activity, the Hyatt Group is going ahead and will soon test the Wherifly Digital Pass in the United States, which is exclusively used by American Airlines and British Airways. Because it is definitely within the aviation sector concerned by all these sanitary measures in the first place, increasing the necessary formalities. Advances are most important. In return, companies test solutions developed for them. For example, since mid-March, Air France, Air Carabase, Corsier and French Bee have been experimenting on routes near Anto Pass, one of the first digital certificates to pass.

Other such initiatives have been unveiled recently. Taiwanese company Eva Air will, among other things, use the digital platform developed by AfiniDi to verify PCR tests in its flights from Singapore to Taipei. For its part, All Nippon Airways (ANA) began testing the Common Pass app on its Tokyo Haneda-New York route on 29 March.

Making life easier for passengers, in fact the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Their great field of work, By the development of its Digital Travel Pass, which in turn will be downloadable from Android smartphones before April 15 for iPhone owners. Singapore Airlines and several Gulf companies are already experimenting with this solution, while new carriers are converting to a system promoted by the association, the latest, between Hong Kong Airlines and Korean Air, which will test it in May. Its flights between Seoul Incheon and Los Angeles.

Some companies are looking for Multiple tracks in parallel Like Virgin Atlantic, which since March 29, has been using Trust Assure Digital Pass on its routes from Heathrow to the United States. From 16 April, the IATA Travel Pass, to be tested between London and Bardday, will take place. ” With the UK’s successful vaccination program and Restrictions are gradually decreasing, We look at this route in time for summer to allow for a safe restart of large-scale international travel soon.Said Cornell Koster, general manager in charge of customers at Virgin Atlantic.

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Towards these aspects, British Airways is stepping up its initiative. The British company, which tests the Verifly app on its flights between London and the United States, has increased the likelihood of nine people holding travel documents on the same smartphone, and the per capita life of the device as before Not making Easy for families or groups of friends. But his wish Simplify your customers’ journey Does not focus on providing only third-party applications.

Since mid-March, and on its routes between London and India, British Airways has offered passengers the possibility to integrate their documents Directly to your website. In fact, customers get an email three days before their email directing them to the “Manage my reservation” function on the BA website. The passenger will thus be able to integrate all the necessary documents, with the airline guaranteeing to certify within six hours that the passenger fulfills the conditions for entry into India.

« We already provide access to the VeriFLY travel application on some routes and IAG has participated in the development of travel passes with IATA. Now is the time what we can offer on our website, Commented by Sean Doyle, CEO of British Airways. main advantages The ability to upload the correct travel documents to their reservation is that it allows customers to check in online, thereby speeding up the process at the airport. »

Business travelers riding on data privacy

According to a study published by BCD Travel on March 31, data privacy is non-qualification for privacy Popularize health pass With business travelers. TMC surveyed 844 nomad professionals last month, with a clear assessment: The main expectation of this data is security, reliability and ease of use. As a result, business travelers expect this health pass issue to be driven by governments or NGOs rather than airlines or other private sector players: a request expressed by 69% of respondents.

Also, the health pass appears Top 3 Engine to promote business travel. According to this study, 66% expect a positive effect, against 67% for tests before departure by aircraft, and 84% for particularly effective vaccines. Conversely – and not surprisingly – quarantine measures imposed on arrival do not attract support: 63% of business travelers see them above all as a negative effect.

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