Greater Manchester school education manager Drew Pove resigns after suspension

Drew Pove, the headmistress of a school in Greater Manchester, has resigned.

He gained overnight fame by appearing in the documentary Education Greater Manchester where he worked at the Harold Fold School.

The headmaster publicly shared his resignation on Twitter, revealing that he had made the decision with a “heavy heart.”

Harold Fold School is being investigated for allegations that children have been removed from the article, the company is actually performing better than it appears

This exercise is known as “off-rolling”.

According to the Manchester Evening News, Mr Povoy was fired along with three other senior members on 13 July.

Greater Manchester school education manager Drew Pove resigns after suspension

The headmaster has maintained his innocence through his resignation letter.

Also, the TV personality explained that the Haroop fold accepts students who have been expelled from other schools.

He has been the headmaster of Harrop Fold School for the past decade since 2010.

He first joined the school in 2006 as a teacher.

Harold Fold was named one of the worst schools in England in 2004 and has been rated “good” by Offstead under Mr Povey’s management.

He rose to fame overnight at the documentary Education Greater Manchester featuring Harold Fold School.

When he resigned, the reality star offered to work for free at the school.

His resignation letter was read in full: “I am writing with a heavy heart to immediately resign as the executive head of Harrop Fold School. Aware you know that the investigation is ongoing.

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“Despite the perceived need for swift action at the beginning of the year, the investigation process itself allowed it to drag on, which has damaged the reputation of the school and me personally. Parents and students are concerned, and the media is speculating about what happened. So serious about giving a warrant to a staff member

“I am appalled by the‘ heavy hand ’approach adopted by the council, which seems to have completely ignored the best interests of students, staff and the school.

The headmaster publicly shared his resignation on Twitter, revealing that he had made the decision with a “heavy heart.”

“To date, I have not yet been given a full account of the allegations being made, but I understand that the investigation has apparently focused on an administrative error involving a very small number of students.

“I and the school have fully cooperated in the initial investigation and once identified, immediate steps have been taken to ensure that such errors do not recur. We thought this was the end of the matter.

“As I understand it, administrative errors involve how attendance, exclusion and home school are recorded.

Parents and students had a lot of respect for the head teacher

“The number of students involved is about five in 2018 (2/3 EHE, 2 attendance) and three three in both 2017 and 2016. This represents about 0.5pc of our total student population.

“As Harrop’s leader, I will always take full responsibility for what happened at school and for the team work.

“But my overall feeling is that Salford City Council is determined to follow me personally with the ultimate goal of removing me from the position of chief executive.

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“They seem to have assumed guilt for my part from the outset and put significant pressure on them and the claimant to comply with their claim, failing which an interim executive board would be immediately provoked. Understandably, you were keen to avoid it, if possible.”

“The protracted nature of the investigation process has created a level of uncertainty that was already having a detrimental effect at the end of the summer period, even the school had to be closed for a day due to the level of disruption. I can no longer sit back. It continues, especially as a school Given the progress we have made.

“Instead of causing further damage with ongoing uncertainty and delays, I have decided to resign.”

Acting headmaster Damien Owen has been hired to start in the fall.

Lisa Stone, councilor and top member for children’s and youth services, has responded to Mr Povey’s resignation.

He said: “I am disappointed that Mr Poe has disclosed some details of the confidential governor’s investigation.

“The council categorically rejects the allegation that it was ever offered to Mr. Private or Mr. Povey to ever ‘go away.’ In my experience governors do not initiate investigations and do not suspend senior members of staff for administrative error.”

“This is an in-depth and comprehensive investigation of many serious allegations and it will continue in the interests of the school, students, parents and suspended staff members.

“The board of directors is trying to reach a decision as soon as possible. It is not in anyone’s interest to rush into something so serious. The council has provided temporary leadership support for the school during this difficult time.”

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