Googlebox stars appear with a unique approach to social distance

Googlebox stars appear with a unique approach to social distance

Gogglebox There has been a lot of scrutiny in recent months for a seemingly weak approach to social distance, but one of the show’s stars has now found the final solution.

At the opening of tonight’s episode (October 2), Dear Giles show he and his partner Mary were seen standing in a lot of wood.

Giles and Mary Gogglebox

Channel 4

Giles proudly said, “Mary I avoided, Mary,”

“Why are you keeping it there?” Mary asked, to which Giles replied: “Because you went to London and I don’t want to take Kavid from you. So we can chat like this.”

“Obviously we have to do the installation work, because I’m holding it in my hand at the moment.”

Gogglebox, Eli and IGi

Jude EdgintonChannel 4

In April, the official offcom received complaints about the apparent lack of social distance between some of the stars who did not live in the same family on the Channel 4 show.

Initially following these allegations, which initially worried sisters Eli and Easy Warner, Channel 4 assured viewers that all the stars of the show were following official guidelines.

However, this did not stop him from complaining further in the celebrity version of the show.

To continue filming during the epidemic, Gogglebox To prevent the stars from coming into contact with the crew, camera rigs were installed in each room.

Gogglebox It aired on Channel 4 on Friday night at 9pm.

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