GMB hosts react to Matt Hancock’s awkward response as he’s asked about show boycott

GMB hosts react to Matt Hancock's awkward response as he's asked about show boycott

Good Morning Britain hosts Charlotte Hawkins and Adil Ray shared their reactions to an awkward Matt Hancock moment, that happened on fellow ITV daytime show Lorraine on Wednesday.

The Health Secretary was put on the spot by host Lorraine Kelly about his “boycott” of GMB, leaving him a little red-faced.

Moments earlier, Charlotte had asked Lorraine to grill the government minister about where he had been.

Lorraine claimed she was also struggling to get MPs on her own show, after GMB’s Piers Morgan revealed they were boycotting the show over recent “train wreck” interviews.

On Wednesday, Lorraine took the moment at the end of the live chat to address the ongoing absence.

Good Morning Britain hosts Charlotte Hawkins and Adil Ray shared their reactions to Matt Hancock’s Lorraine appearance

She told Hancock: “You know what? The guys at GMB are very nice. You can talk to them too.”

Hancock laughed it off, before replying: “I love ITV, it’s great to join you and and to be able to chat.”

Now, GMB hosts have responded to the comments and what he had to say.

Matt Hancock discussed new lockdown actions on Lorraine, and was asked about the GMB boycott

Speaking on the show on Thursday, Charlotte and co-presenter Adil mocked the response and weren’t sure they were convinced by this “love” for the channel.

Adil said: “I love ITV, it’s the equivalent of saying, ‘Oh I love a good curry’ you know? ‘I’ve got Asian mates, I love a good curry’.”

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Charlotte also commented, adding: “Okay… do we think he’s gonna be coming back anytime soon? What do we make of that response?”

The GMB stars discussed the comment on the show

Adil went on to suggest he should come on with his ukulele after the viral video of his Sky News interview, where someone had superimposed the instrument on him.

Regular GMB commentator Kevin Maguire called Hancock’s statement “embarrassing”, as Adil continued to laugh off the moment.

Meanwhile, Piers took to Twitter to call Hancock out after learning he was going to be in the studios during his absence.

Piers Morgan mocked Matt Hancock for sneaking back on ITV

Piers is currently taking a break from the show until September, and he couldn’t help remark about the fact the Health Secretary went on after he had left.

He said: “Awww, look who sneaked back onto ITV the moment I left the country… it’s our fearless Health Secretary.”

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV.

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