From 9 June, vaccinated Europeans are exempted from PCR tests to enter France

There is no need for PCR testing for Europeans wishing to come to France from 9 June. The government’s announcement in a document on Friday 4 June “” border reopening strategy », announces a gradual reduction in precautionary measures and creates the necessary conditions for entering France. These depend on the country of origin of the traveler. They are classified into three colors (green, orange and red) indicating the degree of restrictions. Countries classified as “green” control the circulation of the coronavirus and have no different problems” anxiety ».

Thus for the European region, Australia, South Korea, Israel, Japan, Lebanon, New Zealand and Singapore, no compelling reason is required and PCR or antigen testing of less than 72 hours is required. Only unrelated people were asked. People who have had a full vaccination for at least 14 days on the date of travel (four weeks for Johnson & Johnson vaccine) are considered vaccinated.

Mandatory testing for Great Britain and the United States

For countries classified as “orange”, such as the United States or Great Britain, a PCR or antigen test is required if the traveler is vaccinated. Otherwise he needs a compelling reason, a negative test and will be in self-isolation for 7 days. So Great Britain is not including its European neighbors in the Green Zone as the presence of the Indian version raises questions. UK Transport Minister Grant Shapps said on Thursday that the Delta version was ” Chief » 12,431 cases identified in the United Kingdom (about 80% more than last week). The United States has vaccinated a lot, but not all travelers have documents.

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For countries classified as “red” (South Africa, Argentina, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Suriname, Turkey, Uruguay), for a compelling reason Need come to France. PCR or antigenic tests are also required to check whether someone has been vaccinated, and a 7 to 10 day quarantine is imposed upon arrival on French soil.

What about overseas?

Vaccinated travelers from Reunion or Mayotte” There will be exemption from self-isolation in both directions from June 9. According to a joint statement by the Ministries of Overseas and Transport. They won’t even need to justify a compelling reason. However, the requirement for a negative PCR test 72 hours before departure will continue.

For Guyana, where the spread of the virus is very strong, especially in the Brazilian version (GAMA), vaccinated travelers will have to respect a 7-day self-isolation. ” When the epidemiological situation has improved significantly, the provisions applicable to Réunion Island and Mayotte will be extended to Guyana, with the removal of mandatory reasons for vaccinated individuals. », underlines the press release.

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