France is increasing pressure on Great Britain

France has warned that it may delay the implementation of a memorandum understanding UK companies’ access to European financial markets to pressure Britain to honor its commitments on fishing, we said on Wednesday A source familiar with the discussions and a diplomatic source learned from the European.

A link has been established between the two sources, as the first source, France and the United Kingdom, has quarreled for several days over the terms of use for French fishermen in areas far from the island of England.

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When asked about the subject during his weekly press briefing, French government spokesman Gabriel Attal said France’s demand was “Agreement with the United Kingdom is respected, nothing but agreement”.

“We found that in relation to Jersey, the British had added the terms of use for fishing for our fishermen. For us, these conditions are null and void.”

“In this context you indicated that other texts are currently being discussed, especially a text on financial services. (…) We have a global approach to all agreements that have been signed.”, she added.

From a European diplomatic source, Great Britain is accused of not honoring the commitments made under the Brexit trade agreement concluded with Brussels.

The source said, “This is not about France and not just about fishing! The UK should fully implement the agreements it has signed, which currently deal with fisheries and other important issues.” Is not. “

The European Commission and the government of Boris Johnson signed a memorandum of understanding on financial services in late March, under which the regulators of the European Union and Great Britain would share their information. But this protocol must be approved by 27 member states, a process that has not yet been initiated.

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