Football elite humiliated, people win!

Six English clubs, co-founders of this new private European competition, contested vigorously by supporters, retreated one by one in the evening on Tuesday 20 April. The project seems dead and buried … At the moment, warned the British press.

Fans shook beer cans before opening them. Hot beer started raining, s’amuse many times. Then smoke bombs burst, and Chelsea fans roared, danced, and looked at each other with their mouths. In front of the stadium of the iconic London team, on 20 April Tuesday, a crowd of 1,000 announced their opposition to the creation of the European Super League. And the case ended by winning.

“we’ve done”, Supporters of The blues, Not believing. “In the world of modern football, there is never such a win.”, Underlines the British newspaper. Supporters protested and their clubs listened to them. “ In the evening, six English clubs withdrew one by one, co-founders of this (very) lucrative private and closed competition, impregnable of any concept of sports worthiness. Chelsea in the lead.

The final stage of the “Football Business”

“The revolution that was to disturb more than a century of football traditions came to an end in less than 72 hours”, Congratulate myself many times In his editorial of the day. “It should be said that the project announced on Sunday was unanimously condemned.” From football officials to politicians through players of related clubs, Prince William and fans, therefore. “These supporters who are being stripped away from more and more freedom, who are constantly being condemned for their excesses, but who are suddenly back in the eyes of all


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