Europe, Kovid, TK … Clement Beyon “Goes to the Ring”

“You wanted that? It’s up to you! In early July, Emmanuel Macron brought Clement Beaune to his office. He announced to his advisor Europe that he would join the government. By the way, he would put a little pressure on him. But it is the faithful who have worked for the head of state for years in Barsi, and who are said to be impatient to go from shade to light, to taste.

In March 2019, during the last reshuffle, his name had already aired. “But Clement demanded the title of Deputy Minister. The request angered the president, “a close friend of his says. Alessi’s “Sherpa” then accuses him of jerking off. Sixteen months later, the formation of a new team with Jean Castex finally opened the doors of power. Thanks to Kovid, it still takes it to the forefront.

Buying Vaccines? A European dossier. Closing the outer boundaries of the Union? The Prime Minister announced this on Friday. Not to mention the issue of PCR tests at airports for intra-Schengen flights. “The hardest part is to show that we can be pro-European, while the rest of the world aspires for security and sovereignty,” he said.

Barely appointed secretary for European affairs, Buenne immediately sank to the deep end. Her baptism of media fire took place the week of her appointment, the morning of France Inter. “When I first heard him on the radio, he blew me away. I thought this guy is talented. But he is better, he has Niak ”, says Christophe Castaner.

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“Hard worker”, “accurate expression”, “distance and humor”

Since then, he has been making a series of interventions with bulimia: 63 interviews in six months already! This allows him to make his mark in a bloated government party. “We hear more about Europe than its minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian …” Ironically, an advisor who is not unaware, moreover, that the young applicant is in a straight line with the president, ” Which gives him freedom of tone “very few people have. A fortress, for an ordinary state secretary. “

“He is a hard worker. His expression is precise, without aggression. He has distance and humor, “praising Richard Ferrand for his part. So free that in December, Buen gives an interview to Tutu magazine to come out.” It’s hard to say today, but it’s unclear “, He slips on the occasion of this confession.

The trained energetic believes he is on a mission: “We talk a lot about the European Union, but we rarely defend it. Therefore, in a movement like March, where Europe is a central subject, he takes the opportunity to pursue his pawns. “I need to get into the ring on this subject, this is the first cement of our majority”, Buenos says. His model? François Mitterrand, in whose farewell address he enjoys walking in Berlin in May 1995. “Connect us to the past and the future and we can pass the witness with peace of mind who will follow us …” declared the old president.

In Quai d’Orsay, his office sees Sean. Clement Beaune summoned Cypriot Health Commissioner Stella Kyrykids that morning. He wants to understand AstraZeneca Laboratory’s surprise decision to reserve most of its supplements in the United Kingdom. A scandal, condemnation of European capitals.

“Going too fast, it can burn its wings as well”

“It’s good that Europe is raising its tone,” he says. But this way of raising his chest does not just earn him the money of friends, especially towards the Eurosceptics, who make fun of the “impotence of the European Union”. Suddenly on social networks, especially Twitter, European gentlemen from the government regularly call on elected officials of the RN to respond. Not enough to impress the first of them: “Who Clement? Under Secretary of State for the fight against Marine Le Pen? “The candidates for the next presidential election laugh in private. “You have to tell him that he consumes a lot of energy. Because someone reads it, nobody listens to it! »She drowns.

He does not care. In one corner of his office, a tam-tam sits. A gift from his team, as a joke, to say: “Stop repeating the same instructions for us ten times, we’ll do it.” “” I don’t like to pull things, “says the man who recently joined LREM’s idea cell.” Clement is everywhere. But going too fast, he can also burn his wings, “A minister warned that predicts a future battle with Stephen Sejourne, another close to Emmanuel Macron, for the future post of presidential director. This is also how we recognize men in a hurry.”

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