England relaxes the restrictions and gives itself a breath of fresh air, but remains cautious

England relaxes the restrictions and gives itself a breath of fresh air, but remains cautious

Take a dip, play golf and meet up with friends in the park for a cup of tea: The English on Monday redefined some freedoms, a new step towards devolution that feared pollution in Europe The wave will cross the channel.

After the reopening of its schools on 8 March, England took a new step out of the imprisonment offered in January to fight against the coronovirus epidemic, with other British countries following their strategy.

Very symbolic moment after a winter of hard labor: the prohibition of “stay at home” has been removed, even though it is possible that it is advisable to continue working from home and to avoid public transport.

However caution cautioned British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Because if the United Kingdom reported the lowest number of new cases for six months on Sunday, it is “inevitable” according to them that the “wave” falling in Europe is also reflected in increased pollution, hospitalizations and deaths in the United Kingdom. .

So we must “build our defense against this wave when it comes”, he continued at a press conference, thanks in large part to the campaign that raised more than 30 million people to the first dose or about 60% Made it possible to administer. Of adult population.

While the vaccine rollout is “impressive”, “we have no idea how strong our fortifications are against another wave,” he admitted.

– Be polite “-

Members of groups of six people or two different families are now allowed to meet, but only in outdoor, private gardens. You can resume playing tennis, golf, basketball, swimming or other outdoor sports.

Some did not waste even a minute and by midnight, golf enthusiasts gathered at the Morley Hayes Club near Derby (Central England) for a night tournament for the benefit of a union.

Others dived among swans at Hyde Park’s Serpentine Lake or open public swimming pools, which remained closed for about three months.

“We haven’t been swimming since January 5, so we can’t wait to come back and jump into the water,” said Jessica Walker, wrapped in a Union Jack towel by the sea. Hiltonton Outdoor Pool. She usually swims there every day.

In exceptional cases, reserved weddings can resume with a maximum of six people.

England relaxes the restrictions and gives itself a breath of fresh air, but remains cautious

The nation most bereaved in Europe by an epidemic with more than 126,500 dead, the United Kingdom launched in December in a vaccination race to get out of the devastating devastation to its economy.

For the serum of Oxford / AstraZeneca and Pfizer / BioNotech, a third vaccine will be added next month, which is American Modern.

Eager to protect its supplies, subjects of tension with the European Union, the British government announced an agreement with pharmaceutical giant GSK for a 60 million-dose bottle of the vaccine developed by the US Novax for the United Kingdom- United is.

The number of daily deaths from Kovid-19 has fallen below an average of 100 in the United Kingdom, and new infections are hovering around 5,000 per day.

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But instinctively “inevitably” cases will increase, with health officials being recognized. Despite his hopes, Boris Johnson does not rule out new imprisonment in the future. He said, “We must remain humble in front of nature and be prepared to do whatever we have to do to protect us from the British.”

England relaxes the restrictions and gives itself a breath of fresh air, but remains cautious

London police recalled on Sunday that “any large gathering” was prohibited, stating that they were ready to intervene quickly to end private parties and murmurings.

Going abroad on a trip is also prohibited and will only be authorized from 17 May at the earliest.

The next step in the process: The long-awaited reopening of the roofs of pubs, bars and restaurants, as well as non-essential businesses such as hairdressers, are usually scheduled for April 12.

The Prime Minister, who has been performing a ruffled blond hair for weeks, was pleased at first that he was “finally” able to wear a new cup and drink beer in the pub.

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