Eat Just Served Meat served for the first time in Singapore

Cultured meat with few resources is now commercially available in the restaurant’s menu.

A few days ago, chicken nuggets were approved from the laboratory for the first time by authorities in Singapore. A short time later, shortly before Christmas, the next historic moment: On several evenings, Restaurant 1880 served clean meat from the American cleantech company Eat Just for the first time. So-called good meat is real, high-quality meat from cultured chicken animal cells, manufactured for human consumption without animal suffering.

The quantity is still small, the prices are high: but still, shortly before Christmas, it was a historic moment when clean meat was served in the restaurant for the first time in 1880. Chicken Nuggets made by Eat Just were made without killing an animal or suffering from other animals. The resource expenditure of this new type of meat production is many times less than the classic route with breeding, slaughter, transport and processing.

“I’m speechless,” said the 11-year-old guest of the dining experience, noting that cultured meat becomes more affordable and accessible, “it will save the lives of many animals and be more sustainable. Eating chicken without feeling guilty is good.” Looks, ”he said.

His 12-year-old dinner companion commented, “This chicken may only be chicken, but it’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen or tasted.” It definitely shows me how little things, like B changing our eating habits, can literally change our entire lives. “

The first table of customers, which includes groups of inspiring youth working for a better planet, paid the bill at 7:23 pm Singapore time on Saturday. About 40 more customers should be added during the introductory phase.

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A series of four-course introductory dinners at the 1880 restaurant will be sold out by the end of the year, and Adventure Restaurant plans to add a sophisticated chicken dish to the menu in 2021 at the expense of a high-quality traditional chicken dish.

The blatant sales have intensified discussions among thinker leaders and media around the world about whether and how quickly other countries will adopt a similar legal framework to enable the sale of similar meats.

Britain’s royal astronomer, astrophysicist and cosmologist Martin Rees on Sunday called Eat Just’s progress one of the greatest scientific breakthroughs of 2020, telling the Guardian it was a “moral advance”.

Founder and Executive Chairman of XPRIZE and Senior Founder of Singularity University, Peter H. Diamonds said, “Eat Just’s Moonshot’s success marks the beginning of a new food revolution that will bring growing billions of sustainable, affordable and healthy protein supplies.”

Guests enjoy tasting clean meat first in history in Singapore.

The historic moment just before Christmas was the culmination of an almost 90-year vision expressed by British politician Winston Churchill and followed for decades by Dutch researcher and entrepreneur Willem van Elaine. In a 1931 essay, Churchill envisaged a world where “we escape the inadvertence of raising an entire hen to eat breast or feathers by growing those parts separately under a suitable medium.”

Van Elaine, widely known as the “Godfather of Cultivated Meat”, made it his life’s mission to realize the promise of safe, sustainable meat production from cells rather than living animals.

After Van Allen’s death, Eat Just acquired his patent as part of a broader intellectual portfolio and his daughter Ira became a friend and mentor to the company. “My father devoted his life to the idea that human ingenuity could lead this science fiction concept to the real food that nourishes our bodies,” said Ira van Elaine.

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“This launch and future development in the region will always affect our relationship with the food we eat and the planet in which we live. This is the beginning of improving the things that we have done for thousands of years. “

This historical achievement is not the result of the actions of any one company – far from it. This is a result of the imagination and tenacity of Willem van Elaine, as well as many scientists, educators and entrepreneurs in the field who believed in the power of the idea that most of the people in my company were also born. Today we are grateful to him and we will continue his important work.

Josh Tetrick, CEO Von Eat Just

With the introduction of Good Meat Cultured Chicken’s restaurant, Eat Just launched GoodMate, a new digital platform focused on educating consumers about the importance of this method of meat production as global demand for animal protein increases. In progress.

With the website, Eat Just aims to highlight the need for safer, more efficient and less polluting methods of meat production, as meat consumption is expected to grow by more than 70 percent by 2050.

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