Eamonn Holes says we call Primark wrong and start an unexpected debate

There are a lot of words among people when it comes to pronunciation.

And as it turns out, Primark is no different.

Eamonn Holes claims that we mispronounced the name of the high-street retailer and that this caused some controversy among the audience.

The Morning presenter was with co-host and wife Ruth Langford at Friday’s event and they were discussing a new extension for Primark stores after the national lockdown.

They joined Giles Brandreth and Nick Ferrari for the debate which featured various news headlines and viral talking points.

As the section drew to a close, Eamon addressed the cameras: “I apologize to all the viewers I saw in Ireland this morning for the propaganda of Primark and can I apologize?”

He then claimed: “You have to be Irish to know.”

They were discussing the 24-hour opening time of Primark

To which Ruth added: “It’s from a former manager,” but he was actually a trainee director, Emon corrected his wife.

“You call the rest of the UK a primark, we say a pre-mark, that’s all,” he continued.

But Ruth further argued: “We say Swedes, you say turnips,” to which Eamon argued: “I don’t understand why you can’t get the rest of you properly, but whatever!”

In Northern Ireland, where Emon lives, Primark is actually called a penny – just to increase confusion.

However, viewers had their say on Twitter.

“It’s a primark! … like Friday, or give me a prize from my Barcelona Christmas jumper. It’s not a primark,” one argued.

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Another said: “Pre-Mark? No, mate, it’s Primark! # This morning!”

Primark reopens the UK store for some more time

“Now that Eamonn Holes has done it! He’s started a Primark-Primark debate,” the third added.

However, some have agreed with him.

“I worked at Swansea Primer in the late nineties, we always pronounce it like this #this morning,” said one visitor.

And others wanted to correct him, not just through words.

One said: “In #Ireland this morning the primark is pronounced penny.”

“Eamon Holes # is trying to start an old argument about how to pronounce Primark this morning when you think he’ll actually try to tell us everything by saying penny,” another echoed.

What do we think? Primark or pre-mark? You do it right.

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