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Drake called for a replacement for Grammy with “something new that we can create over time and pass on to future generations”, after his pop peer weekend failed to recognize any of his 2021 divisions, dominating this year despite a global chart.

The comments by Canadian stars reflect long-standing criticism that villagers habitually ignore black art. Posted on Instagram, Drake has named Lil Baby, Pop Smoke, Partexxtader, Popcan and “Even Many Names Missing Names” as artists scattered by the recording academy this year.

Critics questioned the absence of Lil Uzi Vert and the presence of internationally acclaimed and influential Nigerian pop star Barna Boy in the Best Global Music Album category (recently renamed from “Best World Music Album”), and the presence of white rapper Post Malone in the album of the year.

Drake writes: “I think we should stop allowing ourselves to be stunned by the disconnect between influential music and these awards each year, and just acknowledge that the highest form of one-time recognition may no longer be important to today’s artists who come later.”

He said he assumed the weekend was “a lockout for other albums or songs of the year and it never goes away, along with other reasonable guesses” that in 2018, Drake refused to submit the album My Life for Album for his rural consideration that his solo hotline Bling Won the best rap song in 2017 without showing the features of rap. “Maybe I’m scattered in the past or I say black, because I don’t understand why,” he said at the time.

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After not getting any nominations for his album for Hours Hour or the huge single Blind Lights, Weekend’s Abel Tesfaye called Grammy “corrupt.” Harvey Mason Jr., chairman of the recording academy and interim president, said they understood Tesfay’s frustration. “His music was great this year, and his contributions to the music community and the wider world deserve everyone’s praise.”

The frustration expressed by Drake and Weekend suggests that recent attempts at diversification and inclusion in the recording academy have not been effective enough.

In March 2018, it established a taskforce to examine diversity and inclusion within organizations. Among other ongoing efforts, in September it founded Black Music Collective (BMC), an advisory group, consisting of Quincy Jones, an advisory group consisting of “eminent black music producers and professionals with a common goal of broadening the black voice in academia and the wider music community.” And John Legend is among them.

BMC hailed the 2021 nominee as “historic”: “Ten black women have been nominated in the top four categories and more than 20 black candidates have represented the general public.” Also, for the first time, six independent nominees for the best rap album are Krishna Swadhin Shilpi. This is progress. “

Little Richard protested backstage at the 1986 Grammy Awards, where he felt the recording academy failed to recognize black art. Photo: Mark Lennihan / AP

However, admitting that some artists were disappointed, BMC said: “Our work is not finished, and it will take some more time, but the mission of further inclusion will continue.”

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The latest black artist to win the prestigious album of the year was Harbi Hancock in 2001 – an album of Johnny Mitchell covers. In 2015, when Beck’s Morning Phase Beyonc দেয় awarded the album a critically acclaimed self-titled album, there was a huge uproar.

Kanye West briefly rushed to the stage during Beck’s acceptance speech, defeating Taylor Swift Bayon at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, and later told reporters that “Beck must show respect for artistry and deserve Beyoncানো’s award.”

West continued: “At the moment we are tired of it because when it comes to reducing art and not respecting craftsmanship and making people smile after providing mementos in music, you disrespect inspiration.”

His comments echoed Little Richard’s response to the 1986 Grammys show where he commented on the recording academy’s tendency to reward white artists for their unceasing work by black trailblazers like his own. Announcing the award for best new artist, Richard claimed that he was the winner. He told the crowd, “I’m the architect of Rock and Roll, and they gave me nothing.”

Adele’s 25 – an album heavily inspired by Black Soul music – put Beyonc অগ্র’s pioneer Lemonade on the best new album, a situation that even embarrassed Adele seems to have resurfaced in 2017. Instead Lebuned won the best urban contemporary album.

Following the widespread rejection of the word “city” as racist and otherwise, the section was named the best progressive R&B album for the 2021 show.

When Tyler won Best Wrap Album for Wide Igor in February 2020, he said he was “grateful” for the recognition, but was dissatisfied with how the recording academy often puts black artists in the “rap or urban” category. : “I don’t like the word ‘urban.’ To me it’s just a politically correct way to say the word n. When I hear it, I like: Why can’t we just be pop?”

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His former Odd Future bandmate Frank Ocean refused to submit his widely acclaimed 2016 album Blonde for the 201 Grammy in protest of oversight of black artists: “That institution must have fancy importance,” he told the New York Times. “It doesn’t seem to be very well presented to the people where I come from and I keep what I have.”

He continued: “I think the award system has the infrastructure and the nomination system and the screening system have a date. It’s more of a Colin Kepernic moment for me villagers than sitting in front of an audience. “

Beyonc ২০ has received a total of nine nominations for the 2021 Grammys. This year’s shortlists made history when Mickey Guyton became the first black female soloist to enroll in a country music category, with his song Black Like Me being nominated for Best Country Solo Performance.

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