Dortmund shop vandalized at night

24.06.2021 – 15:39

Verisure Germany GmbH

A shop in Dortmund was vandalized at night

All-round security provider prevents rioters from entering remotely

Ratingen, June 24, 2021 Last week in Dortmund, rioters played a prank during the night. But when they hit the front door of a local tobacco and accessories store to get inside, they’re stopped by a Verisure employee. Because of what criminals don’t know, Bullet Store is guarded by a leading European security provider with a unique combination of modern technology and human 24/7 remote monitoring. The high-security alarm system’s shock sensors, which detect any manipulation of an object’s so-called outer skin, report this to the Veriser Alarm Center.

In the Emergency Call and Service Control Center (NSL), which operates round the clock, an incoming alarm is verified within seconds and, if necessary, intervened directly. In this way, NSL Specialist Dortmund is able to break into the business and thus save the dealer from incurring further losses.

It is 3:30 a.m. when a shock signal is received from the main entrance of the Dortmund glass shop at the VDS-certified Verizer Emergency Call and Service Control Center (NSL) in Ratingen. One of the NSL experts on duty connects directly through VoIP (Voice over IP), talks to people who do not recognize themselves and hears shouts which is not good. The security camera, which is also part of a high security alarm system, shows that the door is being knocked on, then the glass is broken. The NSL specialist immediately contacts the police. She has already heard that the rioters should have gone out of town and now she is running towards the spot. Meanwhile, an NSL associate informs the shopkeeper, whoever is on the way. He later told that his door was damaged, but fortunately, due to the early intervention of VeriSure NSL, no one could enter his shop. The satisfied customer thanks the VDS-certified alarm center from Ratingen’s all-round security provider for a good job.

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What does Verizon do?

Verisure is a leading European provider of professionally monitored high security alarm systems and certified round the clock remote monitoring. With an average of 600,000 installations annually, Verisure ensures the safety of 3.8 million customers in 16 countries across Europe and Latin America. The company protects private homes and small businesses with the most advanced security solutions and helps them lead a carefree life. Verisure is already known in many countries for its innovative products and services, high customer orientation and excellent sales services. Despite the global pandemic, Verisure is growing rapidly in Germany as well. Although the company has been active here since the end of 2018, security experts led by lvaro Grande Royo-Villanova, which now has over 300 employees, is already protecting more than 10,000 satisfied customers in North Rhine-Westphalia, Hesse, Berlin. are. Rhineland-Palatinate, Baden-Württemberg and Hamburg.

Verisure, Company

Founded in 1988 as a division of the Swedish company Securitas AB, Verisure (or Securitas Direct) became an independent provider of affordable alarm systems for private homes. In 1993, live monitoring, ie round-the-clock monitoring by employees of the company’s own emergency and service control centers, was added. The offer was expanded to include small businesses in 1996. The Verisure Group, headquartered in Geneva, has been expanding into Europe as well as Latin and South America since the 1990s. Led by CEO Austin Lally, the global company now performs approximately 600,000 installations per year, employs over 17,000 people and protects a total of over 3.8 million customers in 16 countries including Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium is. Great Britain, Spain, Portugal, France, Italy and since the end of 2018 also Germany.

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What does verification mean?

“Very” comes from validation. This means that VDS-certified experts at the in-house 24/7 Emergency Call and Service Control Center in Ratingen examine the signal coming from the high-security alarm system to determine whether it is a false alarm or not a false alarm. The emergency protection service, police, fire brigade or emergency doctor is turned on immediately and, if necessary, the ZeroVision® visual barrier like fog is triggered. “Sure” stands for safety, reliability and all-round protection provided by. Verification.

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