Curry’s Sally reveals ill footage of Yasmin screaming at Geoff’s noise

Curry's Sally reveals ill footage of Yasmin screaming at Geoff's noise

Jeff Metcalfe of Coronation Street finally faced his downfall when Sally Metcalfe stole his laptop and found footage abusing his wife, Yasmin.

Faye helped Sally because the film was deleted after the Geoff Magic show, as they entered her laptop to try to find her evidence.

Eventually realizing the truth about his wicked father, Jeff’s son Tim panicked and told Geoff that he had seen the footage and knew he was a fool and abusive before he left him.

Sally and Faye went to the police station to show their video before officers knocked on Geoff’s door to let him know before new evidence in the trial of Yasmin’s murder was released.

Tim finally realized the truth about his father

After watching the video, Simi, Tim and Fi fell ill before Tim said: “It’s my fault, I’m the person who posted Jiggle It Geoff online, you should be angry with me.

Sally pleaded: “Tim, he’s a monster and a fool. You see how he’s moving away from her. This isn’t the first time this has happened and it won’t happen in the end.”

“It had nothing to do with you. It was just another stick to beat him.”

Footage of Yasmin screaming and covering revealed the truth

“Everything he said was true, what Elaine said was true.”

Tim agreed that they should show this footage to the police, but he stayed behind the house to get his head.

Later, Jeff came to Timms and said: “I think your beautiful wife took something from me, which I want back.”

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Tim told his father that he never wanted to see him again

Stony-faced, Tim replied: “You remember the video Yasmin made after the magic show, we saw it, that guy, that fool, that’s you.

How can you treat him like that? Tim was angry because Geoff promised that he had just gotten angry but later apologized.

Tim yelled at Jim that he was sure he had treated Sally the same way he did, insisting that he would never treat her that way, all the clues to Jeff that he saw that Yasmin was being tortured.

Jeff asked the team to believe

Tim throws Jeff out and tells him he never wants to see him again.

One viewer tweeted: “How satisfied I was to finally see Jeff get his joke !?

“Huge pros # Corey The way they handled this story for ”

The police officer asked Geoff to come with him

Another added: “itvcorrie Things are finally starting to unfold for Geoff! What an episode it was # Do“.

“Yes Tim! Finally !! Sally is fine, I’m so relieved.

“I really hope we see justice for Yasmin now, a lot of days were coming. Great episode tonight. # Corey“One-third push.

“I felt perfect satisfaction when Geoff was arrested and the police arrived # Do“A fourth addition.

Coronation Street airs on ITV on Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday evenings.

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