Covid: Carefill’s local lockdown case has been on the rise

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There have been hundreds of new covid cases across the county in the past week

People living in Wales’ first local lockdown area face a ban of at least one more week.

Carefly Council says rules will remain in place in the county as coronavirus cases increase

Public Health Wales figures show 60.2 cases per 100,000 people in the region in the last seven days.

People have not been able to enter or leave the region since September 8 without “reasonable excuses” such as work or education.

Since then, local restrictions have been introduced in 14 more counties and the town of Llewellyn.

“Last week, we were quietly confident that we were starting to see the‘ light at the end of the tunnel, ’but this week was quite different,” council leader Philipa Marsden and chief executive Christina Harry told The County’s 181,000 residents in the letter.

“We’ve experienced an increased number of localities across all parts of County Barrow, including a number of issues involving private clubs.”

Covid-19 cases

Kerfley County Borough

Council chiefs said the increase in the number of positive cases coincided with an increase in hospital admissions.

There have been 109 new cases from the last seven days to October 5, with 5.2 percent of all tests returning positive for Covid-19.

Across the Annurine Bevan University Health Board, which covers Kerfili, there are 191 patients who needed hospital supervision for suspected or confirmed covidia, or to recover from an infection.

No such figure has been seen in the Health Board area since May before the first wave of the Welsh epidemic reached its peak.

Council leaders added, “Considering the current situation, we do not have full confidence at the moment that the virus is under control.”

The council said it also faced problems with social distance in the county.

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There are concerns that some residents are not following social distance or gathering rules

“The number of complaints about the gathering of people between family and outside groups by our colleagues in the Goynte police has increased,” the letter addressed to residents said.

“We fully appreciate how challenging this is for you.

“Many are desperate to see family members and friends. The business is having an impact, but we urge you to stay with us.”

“We can only do this if each of us continues our role.

“None of us want to be in this position at Christmas, so we ask you to keep thinking about what you do and how you do it.”

Welsh ministers and health officials have said they will not consider lifting local lockdown restrictions until the rate of infection in a local area drops below 50 per 100,000 a week.

Wales Chief Medical Officer Frank Atherton said the rolling lockdown is likely to occur in the fall and winter due to fluctuations in the coronavirus case.

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