Coronavirus Live Live: Boris Johnson Briefs Cabinet About Strict Lockdown as Latest Covid Update

Coronavirus Live Live: Boris Johnson Briefs Cabinet About Strict Lockdown as Latest Covid Update

Boris Johnson is briefing cabinet ministers this afternoon before unveiling a new three-tier system for local coronavirus restrictions on Monday.

The new system, which has sparked outrage among leaders and councilors in the north of England, is expected to ban millions from mixing inside and outside the home and force thousands of pubs to close.

This is because Housing Secretary Robert Genrick rejected calls for more financial assistance for areas affected by local restrictions, saying “national debt is rising” and that the government “can’t do everything” to protect all jobs.


The government’s failure to spend 3 billion on the coronavirus deal has been questioned.

New figures show that since the coronavirus lockdown began, concerns have been raised that the government has failed to spend the 3 3 billion it has spent on private contracts.

The figures come as three cross-party lawmakers and a non-profit law firm called the Good Law Project have taken legal action against the government for failing to make costly disclosures during the epidemic.

Green MP Caroline Lucas, Labor’s Debbie Abaharams and Liberal Democrat MP Laila Muran have filed judicial reviews against the government for violating the law and filing its own directives.

The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) has released at least £ 11 billion worth of contracts received since April, but new analysis shows that no more than 3 3 billion has been made public for these contracts.

The DHSC said that all the government contracts were rewarded with due diligence.

“What we know about the government’s procurement process during this epidemic is a real cause for concern,” said Julian Mogam QC, director of the Good Law Project.

“Companies without any miscellaneous skills have been awarded a lot of government money.

“Sometimes the main qualification seems to be a political connection with key government figures.”

He added: “We know nothing more about the discovery because the government has deliberately kept the public in the dark.

“We have no choice but to press for transparency through the courts.”

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Scotland has reported nearly a thousand new coronavirus cases

According to official figures, 96 new confirmed coronaviruses have been recorded in Scotland in the last 24 hours, but no deaths have been reported.

The number of new infections is less than 1,009 cases on Saturday and Friday’s record high from 1,246 positive test results.

Sunday’s figures represented 14.9 percent of those tested the most on Saturday, up from 14.1 percent on Saturday.

UK-wide case statistics are expected later today.

Conrad Duncan11 October 2020 15:04


Ireland is planning to run a coronavirus test at the airport, the minister said

The country’s health minister says Ireland plans to test carnivirus at airports as part of a possible segregation option for some arriving passengers.

Under an EU system signed next week, travelers from extremely low-level areas of the virus will be placed in a “green” section and allowed to travel without hindrance.

Other areas will be listed as “amber” or “red” for restrictions imposed by the government.

The default position is to restrict the movement of passengers in the “red” and “amber” regions, said Irish Health Minister Stephen Donnelly.

However, the government is working on a plan for testing that could prevent some passengers from being segregated.

Airports will be tested “because it was necessary as part of the protocol,” Mr Donnelly said in an interview with RTE Radio, but declined to set a deadline.

One option being considered is to allow passengers from certain destinations to avoid segregation if they produce a negative test taken three days before the trip.

Conrad Duncan11 October 2020 14:47


Johnson will make rare telephone calls to the cabinet before the new restrictions

Boris Johnson is telephoning cabinet ministers this afternoon as he prepares to introduce new three-tier measures for local coronavirus restrictions.

The prime minister’s decision to shorten cabinet members on Sunday is a rare step and is why northern leaders have expressed outrage at the economic impact of more rules in their areas.

In the north, mayors and council leaders have warned that local economies could be “crushed” as new restrictions are unveiled in the Commons on Monday.

Mr Johnson is set to announce measures that will likely force pubs and restaurants across the north of England to close and ban millions from mixing indoors and outdoors.

Conrad Duncan11 October 2020 14:30


In response to a viral video of an unexpected cricket match in south London last night, Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham said it was “urgent” to reconsider the 10pm pub curfew.

Conrad Duncan11 October 2020 14:13


India’s confirmed Covid-9 case has crossed seven million

Health experts warn that the total number of coronavirus cases in the country has exceeded seven million and that fatigue is on the rise in the country.

The health ministry said 744,3833 cases had been reported in the past 24 hours, with India expected to overtake the United States as the worst-hit country in the coming weeks.

Another 918 deaths were reported, bringing India’s total death toll to 108,334.

“We have been able to keep health growth at a slow pace, but I agree that we have not been able to bring it down aggressively,” said government health expert Dr Randeep Guleria.

“It has to do with the density of our population, the diversity of our country and the socio-economic challenges in our country.”

However, some experts have warned that the death toll in India could not be reliable due to poor reporting and inadequate health infrastructure and testing.

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Premium: How Spain fought the previous epidemic with children as a ‘human vaccine’

The effects of the coronavirus epidemic on Spain have drawn attention to a 19th-century voyage center in the country’s colonies fighting the retreating nobles, Laura Manning.

You can find the full story below:

Conrad Duncan11 October 2020 12:48


The crowd pulled after a pub curfew at 10pm on the streets of London to play Impremptu cricket

Pub and restaurant-passengers had a relentless cricket match on a London high street after being forced to close the venue at 10pm yesterday.

The video of the game played in Pecham’s Rai Lane has been widely shared on Twitter and the incident has been described as a “joyous moment”.

Our correspondent, Tom BachelorIt has the full story:

Conrad Duncan11 October 2020 13:08


Earlier today, Housing Secretary Robert Genrick insisted that “no one is punishing the North” when he was asked by Times Radio if London would take drastic action next week.

Conrad Duncan11 October 2020 12:37


Manchester MPs have written to Boris Johnson to warn against closing all pubs and restaurants because the carnivirus infection mainly occurs in families and student residences. Manchester Evening News‘Jennifer Williams.

Conrad Duncan11 October 2020 12:59

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