Colin Rooney sues Peter Andre for ‘chippolata’

Colin Rooney sues Peter Andre for 'chippolata'

Colin Rooney’s lawyers have pulled Rebecca Verdi’s reprehensible kiss and told them about Peter Andre in their contemptuous fight.

The 34-year-old lawyer, representing Wayne Rooney’s wife, has filed new papers as part of a legal battle with Rebecca.

Colin has sensationally sued Rebecca’s account for leaking the story to the press from her private Instagram account – a claim that Jamie Ward’s wife has vehemently denied.

In the newly filed document, Colin’s team accused Rebecca of having a form to keep personal information about other celebrities from the public.

They mentioned her sensational 2001 interview with The News of the World, where Rebecca described an emotional night before footballer Jamie’s wedding to pack star Peter Andre.

Rebecca: Verdi, in the picture, has sued Colin Rooney for defamation

The documents state: “In the interview, the claimant revealed, among other things, that (I) had sex with Peter Andre in November 2001 and that it lasted only five minutes …

“(ii) Peter Andre’s ‘I had the smallest trouser equipment I saw’ was ‘like a miniature chiplotter’ …

“(iii) that ‘he had no hair at all’; and (iv) he was ‘slave'[ed]‘She’s like a boxer dog when she kissed him. “

Peter Andre never made public the remarks that Rebecca made in a worldwide interview.

In a 2001 interview, Rebecca talked about spending the night with Peter Andre

The documents also revealed how Rebecca worked at the 2018 National Television Awards to create a ‘behind the scenes’ video for The Sun.

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Papers allege that Rebecca was accused at the awards ceremony of taking ex-girlfriend loudly Sarah Harding to take her intrusive pictures without her consent.

Elsewhere, Colin’s lawyer, Brack Rebecca, accused Wayne of deliberately sitting behind his wife in a football match to “look for publicity” and “guarantee his presence in the media.”

The papers state: “Claimant, among other propaganda of his conduct [Vardy] Sitting behind the accused [Rooney] In the match of June 1, 2016, so that he can guarantee his presence in the media …

The claimant refused to sit in his allotted seat in the following circumstances, instead deciding to sit as a defendant.

In the papers, Rebecca Bardy complains of sitting directly behind Colin Rooney, removing the seat in the left photo.

“There were several rows behind all the seats allotted to the claimant where he actually chose to sit.

“The rows directly behind the defendant where the claimant and his guests were sitting were actually reserved for the Football Association (” FA “) protection.

“Ten minutes before the start of the match, the FA licensing officer told the claimant team members that they were not sitting in the right seat and that the seat they were sitting in was specially reserved for FA protection.

“They were asked to be removed. The claimant guests refused and treated the liaison officer offensively.

“As a result, FA protection was forced to sit elsewhere.”

Colin Rooney was named Wagatha Christie in the film last year

Last year, Colin sensationally blamed the Reebok account behind the stories leaked from his personal account – earning him the nickname Wagatha Christie for his online nonsense.

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He set up his own sting operation to catch anyone passing information to the media from his personal page.

He posted multiple fake stories, barred all his followers from Rebecca’s account, and posted a guttural post online after the hacks entered the papers.

Rebecca vehemently denied that she was behind the leak, insisting that several people had access to her Instagram page.

As seen in the picture, Rebecca Verdi is going to appear in front of the ice while dancing in January

Following Colin’s post last October, Rebecca issued a statement denying that she was behind the leak.

Rebecca wrote: “If you thought this, you would have called me

“I’ve never talked to anyone like you as a journalist who wanted to talk to me year after year.

“I’m not kidding but I don’t need money, what will I gain by selling stories on you? …

“I liked you so much Colin and I’m so bad that you chose to do it.”

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